Jack of all Trades – 222

The Wind Dragon Hunt


The plan I had thought of did not give much consideration towards morals or whether it was humane.


We would cause a stir by having the blood apes clash with the bandits. The wind dragon would be offered bait, and that’s how we would drag it down.


Maybe I was going mad. But I didn’t think there was any other way. I had checked with Eye of the God Wolf, and there were enough of them for this to work.


The wind dragon would likely forget about us when it saw so much food in front of it. Then we would cut off its wings. Then its limbs and head. Then it would be over. We would just have to deal with the remaining blood apes and bandits after that and then return to the city. It was honestly a smart idea.


After all, it allowed us to get rid of the blood apes and the bandits.


Now, in spite of my sincere wishes, the bandits were running away. This was no good. If they scattered like that, then there wouldn’t be anyone around when the blood apes arrived.




The boost to ice magic was magnificent. It wasn’t just a boost in power, but amount as well. In other words, the magic in my body moved faster and there was more of it. All of these factored into the boost in damage.

And so I was able to send magic into the ground and activate it immediately. It was easy enough to freeze them. Well, there was a need to send magic into the armor in advance, in order to activate the enchantment.


“I told you to be still.”

“Damn it…Agghhhh!…”

“I can’t move…!”

“Bastard. I’ll kill you!!”


Frostheim was a magic that sent ice-type energy into the ground and froze anyone who was touching it. As most of them were running, they ended up being frozen in awkward positions. It was like modern art. Though, I didn’t know if it would be classified as good or bad.


I could sense the large group of monsters and the single large monster coming towards us through Presence Detection. Obviously, the large group was the blood apes. And the big one was our wind dragon.

The wind dragon had followed us to the forest and had been searching the southeast area.

However, it had sensed the large amounts of magic I was using. And now it was coming towards us. Its speed… Yes, they would all arrive at about the same time.


Still, the fact that it had been searching for us in the forest showed me just how effective Presence Block had been. This skill really did affect anyone within range. Or it would have sensed Daniela. Even now, it was coming towards us because of the magic used. 


“Pretty useful skill…”


I muttered as I tapped my sword on my shoulder. This was the kind of skill you wanted to use all the time in town in order to raise the level.


Speaking of skills that I wanted to level up, it was quite sad that I hadn’t able to do it with the spear, as there weren’t many places for me to use it. As I wasn’t confident with it, I always resorted to using a sword when it came to a fight. But it was those times I probably should be using it…except the enemy was usually the problem. It was really bad luck. Well, I could always try tomorrow.


“…And here they are.”


I saw Daniela on her ‘Blast Board’(I named it for her. I think she was happy?) and the horde of monsters behind her. And then in a different direction. The wind dragon was coming down from the sky in the east. It had flown here from the forest. Thankfully, it had detected me before noticing Daniela.


I looked at my surroundings again. The villainous bandits were all glued to the ground. They would have been killed by the military soon or later. And so they may as well die here in a useful manner. I knew that I was slowly being poisoned by the standards of this world, but I also understood that this was just how we had to work in order to survive.


I was always in my head. Thinking too much. I never found any answers, but I had to move forward. 


“It’s hard when you can’t stop thinking.”


For the sake of the part of me that was dying, I said a silent prayer before beginning this inhumane plan.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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