Jack of all Trades – 222


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I activated Presence Block just as Daniela arrived. Now that we were together, we were both invisible. The wind dragon and blood apes would lose their target.


However, they would find something else. Bandits all over the ground.


The blood apes were the first to fall on the feast before them.


However, the wind dragon continued to search for us. But it wasn’t easy. After all, there were too many people in the area.

Eventually, even the wind dragon changed its focus on the flesh below it. The bandits and the blood apes. They may not contain as much magic energy, but at least there were a lot of them.


And like that, my plan seemed to succeed.


“Ahhh! Don’t eat me!!”

“Giii! Giii!”

“Help me…Ughaaaaa…!!”





What I had wanted turned out to be hell. ‘I hadn’t imagined this…’ That was not something I could claim. It was the result of what I wanted. But there was that dying part of me that now frowned and said that this was too horrible.





I heard Daniela’s voice and looked up. The wind dragon’s wings were open wide as it descended. It was within range of my magic, but I stayed still. I would wait until it had landed. Then I would cut off one of its wings. It was too big for me to cut off both with just a one-handed sword.

Maybe if I had Schwarz Tempest, but it wouldn’t be much of an ambush if it sensed its magic. And at this range, it wouldn’t take much to be detected.


“Is this real!! It’s a dragon!!”

“Giii! Gii!”


One of the bandits felt the burst of wind from the dragon and started to scream. The others looked up and saw it. Then they stopped resisting. That’s when the blood apes tore into them. The blood apes were not intelligent enough to care about anything other than their meal.


And it was amidst this banquet of flesh and blood that the wind dragon landed.


The jade beast took in its surroundings. Now that I could see it closely, I was sure that it was larger than the one I fought in Nicora. Perhaps Eve could only tame small dragons. Still, it was bigger than any wyvern.




It roared as if to warn any who might touch its food. We had moved close enough to launch a surprise attack, and I had to fight the urge to cover my ears.

Even the blood apes paused at the sheer volume of the roar. They froze and looked up at the wind dragon.


I knew it was bad.


Now they would surely run away. And I had brought them all the way here to be food.


Just as I prepared to send magic into the ground again, something very unexpected happened.



“GII!! GIII!!”



The blood apes roared back. And then they charged towards the wind dragon with their fangs and claws bared.


Was this really happening? Apes against a dragon?


“So, these guys are really dumb, huh?”

“Blood lust, perhaps? Nothing enrages them like someone trying to take their food.”

“Still…that’s a dragon…”

“A monster. That is all it is.”


I guess that was the extent of their intelligence. This was a little annoying in itself, but perhaps it was a good thing.


“We move as planned.”

“Of course.”


I used Legs of the God Wolf, which didn’t use magical energy and rose up into the air. Then I unsheathed my sword and prepared to attack. That’s when Daniela moved away and fell. This was in order to activate the Blast Board. While she was doing that, I shot towards the dragon at a speed that the eye could not follow.


Just as Daniela activated her magic, the wind dragon, who had a blood ape in its mouth, turned its head to look up. It had noticed Daniela’s magic, and it spread out its wings in order to take flight. However, My sword had already begun to fall.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and a happy new beer!

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  2. mm i see people keep mistakenly praising asagi’s slip into corruption and degeneracy as “growth” yet nobody gives props to daniela at all. she’s the one who’s overcoming her fear of dragonkin and finally able to fight against them now without being completely shaken. good for her!!

    thanks for the chapter~

  3. Hahahaha…….. All those blood and gore is really stimulating, I somehow can imagine it clearly. So clearly that I ended up emptied my stomach.

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