Jack of all Trades – 393

Unleashing Two Swords of the Stars

Everyone charged towards their unique dolls. Manager to the one in heavy armor, Matsumoto towards the one with the magic sword. And Daniela to the dragon.

And I charged towards the Automata that had numerous arms, which carried swords, spears, axes and various other weapons.

“You will not be allowed to interrupt Nova’s Reincarnation.”

It suddenly began to speak…much like the Automata I had picked up, which was now serving as a maid to a noblewoman in Flugelnia. And while it sounded polite, it was robotic and without emotion. It also seemed odd, given its appearance.

Then, without warning, it swung down with the great sword it was holding. I dodged this with God Speed. When I turned around, I saw that the sword had broken up the hard-looking floor of the facility.

“That seemed like dimension magic, but I did not sense any magic energy.”
“I don’t let people in on my secrets.”
“Then I will make adjustments to my speed.”

This time, a spear came thrusting out, and at the same time, an arrow went flying towards the spot that the sword had landed. I rolled out of the way, but then a scythe pursued me from behind.


I used Legs of the Forest Wolf to avoid it by a hair’s breadth, before getting in an attack of my own. However, the Automata easily moved out of the way.

I had fought many opponents up until this point, but none had challenged me to this degree.
And so while stille crouching, I retreated with God Speed and decided to observe it for a while.

All of its weapons were large. And while the arms were positioned in a way so that they did not hit each other, each had a lot of power behind them, and so it could swing great swords and scythes with just a single arm. Though, it needed two arms to shoot arrows. But even then, it had arms to spare. There were chained sickles, notched swords, and other trick weapons as well.

“Adjustments complete.”
“You sure do that a lot. But I’ve made corrections as well.”

Jack of all Trades, Master of None had made calculations in my brain. Countless possibilities were played back on the screens, and I found the best ones.
As I listened to the heavy footsteps of the machine, I put away Light Blade – Tenko and the Glampanzer for the sake of the best strategy I had selected.

“No surrender will be accepted.”
“Make no mistake. I won’t lose to anyone.”

And what I took out instead, was the Velnoir. The black sword that was made from Black Star Core, and was once wielded by Emperor Kisaragi. As he was likely from my world as well, it seemed extra fitting.

And within my other hand, I had the most powerful, shining jade sword, the ‘Forest Sword of Greenstar Steel.’

This sword was the result of the ancient elven technology, and was made from greenstone and meteorite. I couldn’t think of a better time to put it to use. Up until now, I had avoided relying on weapons that were too powerful, as they would affect my own growth, but I would use it now.

They felt perfect in my hands. The two swords that found their way to me and the clothes that held the power of an old God Wolf. And then there was my own power, which I had honed over the past year. The Automata would feel the weight of all of this.

The tactics I used when clashing once again with the Automata, might not really be called tactics at all. It was brute force. But that’s where every road led. The answer to everything was the flashy but sufficient special attack, worthy of a protagonist.

“Let’s go…!! ‘Kamiyashiro – God Wolf Sword Reach’!!!”

The great scythe and sword that swung down were left in the past. Once I unleashed the power of the Fenrir, I could move faster than anything in this world.
The Velnoir split the spear as it passed me. At the same time, the Forest Sword severed the arm that was nocking an arrow. Then I dodged the numerous swords that tried to assault me from the back, and slid between its legs while shattering its great sword.

I was able to see this from all angles through Eyes of the God Wolf, and I slammed my swords wherever there was an opening.


But this was an Automata, and it’s speed altered in order to keep up with my own. However, thanks to Rachel, this was not a problem for me. Previously, I would have only been able to keep this up for about five minutes at most, but I could go longer now.

I managed to fend off its attacks and unleash Icicle Inverse at its feet, binding it to the ground. Furthermore, I raised the speed of the wind and attacked it from all sides. The platinum and jade colored wind of Legs of the God Wolf streaked behind me and started to create a sphere around the Automata.

Its weapons and body parts began to break and fly out of the sphere. And before long, only a defenseless machine stood there with me. I could see my own reflection in its emotionless eyes as it looked up at me.

“Unable to adjust…”
“…I could have told you that!! It’s over!!”

The last of its weapons and arms were destroyed. I jumped out of the sphere and rose to the ceiling before shooting back down as I swung the Forest Sword.

The Automata split in half and the pieces slowly fell to the floor. Sparks of magic flew as the lights and sounds faded. Then it stopped completely.


I had stopped breathing without realizing it. And so I took in a deep breath and basked in my victory.


I suddenly felt an itch in my nose. Was it an allergy? But as I wiped at it with my arm, it came away covered in a blood that was so dark it looked like tar.

“What the…ughhh…!!”

Then I was assaulted by a horrible pain in my head that caused me to drop my swords. I heard the ringing sounds as they fell on top of the Automata. I looked down at the blood. My mind was filled with all kinds of anxiety.

“Shit… I’m still not finished here…gaaahhh…!”

I held my head as the sharp pain seemed to increase. Then I put away the Velnoir into the hollow bracelet, and picked up the Forest Sword.

Slowly, I was becoming less human…becoming a monster. I could feel it. If this continued, I would no longer be myself.

“No… That won’t happen. Rachel is still herself…”

Even though I told myself this, it did little to calm my fears. I tried to ignore the distortion in my vision and wipe away the blood coming from my nose.

“Yes… The others…”

Instead of using Eyes of the God Wolf, I turned my head to look at them. They had won as well. And from what I could see, they were all fully intact. I sighed with relief.

However, Daniela was still fighting. The dragon Automata was still active, even though its wings and tail had been cut off. She was trying to cut off its head now, but a rapier was not the best weapon for that job.


I had to help her. A headache and blurry vision was nothing. Pain throughout my body didn’t matter.
And so I dragged my sword on the ground while running towards her.

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  1. I’d actually started to forget about the elven weapons since they never get used. I guess Asagi is going to go give Daniela the elven bow.

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