Jack of all Trades – 394

God World Connection

The heat of the dragon’s breath scorched my skin. As the temperature began to rise around us, I activated ice magic to counter it.


But using even a little magic made my head hurt. Blood ran down into my mouth as I panted, the bitterness spreading quickly throughout my tongue.

“What should I…huh…?”

My vision suddenly turned white. At first I thought it was an enemy’s attack, and I raised my sword to block it. But it was just light. Gleipnir was shining. That being said, I couldn’t just take it off either. The only thing I could do was use Presence Detection in order to react when the enemy did attack.

After a few seconds, the light faded. The sudden flash of light had caused me to panic for a moment, but it seemed that nothing in particular had changed.


However, internally, things were different. The sharp pain in my head was completely gone. I tried using Eyes of the God Wolf as a test, and it was the same.

“Woah…my body feels light!”

That Rachel. She didn’t tell me anything about this feature.

I ran on much lighter feet while unsheathing the Velnoir. Daniela was blocking the fire with a wind barrier, and I moved in front of her.

“Sorry I’m late!”
“Who the…Asagi?”
“Yeah. Did you forget me already?”

I turned around to see that Daniela looked quite confused. It was as if she were looking at someone who happened to resemble a friend.

“But your hair…”
“My hair?”

I looked up at my bangs. Strangely, it was now a mixture of black and silver.

“Huh? The hell?”
“Asagi. You…are you turning into a Fenrir…?”

Then it came to me. Silver hair. It was just like Rachel’s.

“…Look ahead!”

I quickly turned back to the dragon. It had suddenly stopped breathing fire and was charging towards us. It had a horn on top of its snout, which it pointed forward. I crossed my blades in front of me and went into a defensive stance.


Clang! The horn rammed into me and I was pushed back. But Daniela supported me from behind.Then she quickly nocked an arrow that was aided by wind magic and unleashed it. And while it scraped against the dragon’s hard armor, it was not able to pierce it.

Sparks flew where the amor had been damaged.

“Aim for that spot!”
“I know!”

I rushed towards it with ‘God Speed’ and thrust both of my swords into the crack.


Unlike the other doll, this one did not speak. Silently, it swung around and desperately tried to remove the blades.

“No, Asagi! Get back! It is too dangerous!”

As my vision swirled around, I switched to Eyes of the God Wolf to see what was happening. The dragon was now rolling on the ground. I would be crushed. And so I jumped away while still keeping the bird’s eye view. It was kind of like playing a game.

“Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. Manager and Matsumoto are coming. Give them these potions.”

I took some out from my hollow bracelet and handed them to Daniela. Then I held the Schwarz Tempest up in front of me.

The other two caught up quickly and Daniela handed them the potions. Then I ran towards the dragon, who had calmed down a little, and swung down at its neck. While it was metal against metal, the water around the blade made everything easier, and the head split from the body without much resistance.

Then I switched my vision and saw the results with my own eyes. Its core was still alive. It was right in its chest. And so I held my sword over it and pushed in all at once.

“It’s finished now… They are all destroyed.”

I retrieved the two swords that were stuck in its neck and reunited with the others. Manager and Matsumoto looked surprised when they saw me.

“Mister Asagi. Your hair…”
“Don’t worry. I just thought I’d try something new for a change.”
“That’s a pretty lousy explanation.”
“I feel good. Really, I do.”

I opened and closed my hands. They felt fine. If anything, I felt a little stronger than before… Which in itself, was proof that my evolution was continuing.

“We will have to go to Rachel when this is finished.”
“Uh, yeah. Of course.”

I wasn’t sure what she would say, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. But that was only when all of this had ended. Right now, we had to destroy the thing in front of us.

I looked towards the back of the great hall. The magic machine, the Nova with white hair and a will of its own had its back turned towards us as it worked obsessively.

I ran in the lead, my sword held up. The others were getting tired. We had to end this quickly and return to the surface. That thought gave me strength. I felt like I could take on anything.

□   □   □   □

“Nova! It ends here!”
“…Oh, so you’re not dead yet.”

There wasn’t a hint of interest in his voice. He continued to hit the keys.

“This is for all of the lives you have ruined!”
“You say that, but haven’t you benefited? It’s because of that power that you got this far.”
“And you expect me to thank you for that?”
“Not at all. Not me. Be thankful to the gods.”
“The gods…?”

I had assumed that the voice I had heard when I first came here…was him. But upon actually meeting the Nova, I had to admit that the voice sounded different. But perhaps it was just the voice of another machine…

“Those who cross from one world to another are able to touch the power of the gods. And they awaken to a new power. It is not my doing. The gods created this system.”
“Then this power…”
“Is the result of touching the fringes of their power in that place between the worlds. I have no reason to bestow anything upon you.”

Now that he said it, it made sense. He performed experiments. When they failed, humans were summoned. He had no reason to give them power.
I see. It was like some joke the gods played.

“Still, it is slightly interesting to me. Perhaps you would like to be part of my next experiment?”
“Hmm… Well, it’s no matter. You helped me buy some time.”

Shit, we talked for too long!

He tapped a key and the air in the room suddenly grew heavier. My ears started to ring, and then the space we were in began to distort.

“I knew it! My calculations were correct…! One hundred thousand experiments! It was all for this day! It was fate! This was always going to be the day it succeeded! Having humans with fragments of the power of gods here has allowed the space to become stable! And now we are connected to the world of the gods!!!”

Humans with the fragments of the power of gods. Me, Manager, and Matsumoto. Rachel and Beowulf were close by as well.

“Tsk… Should we break it!?”
“No. We do not know what will happen…”
“But if we don’t do something, the gods…ah!”

Matsumoto pointed ahead. The air was moving and creating shapes that were hard to describe. Nearly invisible lines curved and stretched.

It was the shape of a woman. I could tell from the silhouette, as it was not wearing any clothes. After a while, the shape began to have color. The skin was very pale, and the hair shone like gold.

“Ahh, god… Take me to your world…to the others…”

The Nova knelt before the woman…the goddess, and stretched its hands towards her.

Eventually, the goddess became fully formed, and she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were just as gold as her hair. They took in the Nova and then turned to us and the rest of the hall. There was anger in her expression.

“Ahh, uh…umm…”

I quickly moved back. The sudden sounds it made startled me.

“So they did it again. This is why I hate elves…”
“They say that people need to be punished in order to learn their lesson. But is that not enough, because you are a tool?”

Something was strange. Had the Nova been wrong about the elves crossing over to the world of the gods?

“Then you should go down the same path as previous fools…”

She directed her palm at the Nova and an unfathomable amount of magic energy was gathered towards it. The air around us shuddered and the structure began to creak.

“No! I only want to go where the others have gone…!”
“That’s exactly what I am about to do. You will die just like all of the others did.”
“Trodding into our world with your soiled feet. It is something deserving of death.”

The Nova screamed as it fell down and covered its head with its hands. But the power of the gods was unleashed.
I stood in front of the others and raised my hands as if to protect them.

However, the goddess suddenly moved her hand and pointed it in a different direction.

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