Jack of all Trades – 181

Attacking the Party


As Daniela had did her best to rob me of energy, the demon of sleep caught up to me very quickly. And of course, I had no reason to resist it, and so fell into a deep sleep. It was as if I was making up for what rest I had lost.


Daniela shook me while I basked in the world of dreams. When my eyes slowly opened, her face was looking into mine.


“Are you awake?”



I yawned and stretched my limbs. The carriage was running through a road in the forest. It was still bright outside.


“Where are we?”

“We are close to Yukka…but…”



Daniela signalled with her eyes. I looked at the others. They were all holding weapons as if ready to fight.


“What, what happened?”

“Someone has entered the area. I feel it with Presence Detection. They are humans and in large numbers.”

“You mean…”


I gulped. I had a bad feeling about it.




I sighed upon hearing her answer. Again…again… We would be killing more of them.


“Asagi. This is not a battle we can avoid. We will make contact with them within a few minutes now.”

“…Yeah. I know. I’m fine.”


I couldn’t complain about having to do things. Those who didn’t fight tended to die first. And those who didn’t kill, lost what was important to them.


I took in a deep breath and pulled the hood over my face. When I was ready, I put a hand at the Glampanzer by my waist. Everyone else was doing the same. And I noticed that they all had short range weapons. Daniela noted this as well, and took out her bow. She would be able to take the enemy down without missing a single shot.


It was just as that rousing thought entered my mind, that I sensed them with Presence Detection. There were forty in all. That was a lot…


“How many?”


The woman in light armor asked me. I was impressed that she was able to tell that I had that skill by looking at me.


“There are forty. Twenty on each side of us. That’s quite a party…”


I said.


“What trouble.”


The man with the scar frowned. But I wasn’t worried.


“We have this many people with us. Just try to take out five of them if you can.”


They all looked quite strong, and likely had more experience than me.

I think.


“Well, we’ll just have to do our best and fight. Though, perhaps I’m not the one to be saying that, as I’ve been napping up until now.”


They smiled at this little joke and unsheathed their swords. The driver stopped the carriage. We might be surrounded, but we couldn’t fight the enemy from a moving carriage either. We would wait for them here and drive them back.


“Here they come!”


Daniela shouted, and I returned my attention to Presence Detection. They would be in sight at any moment now.

I raised my hand and with a cracking sound, created Ice Arrows. Someone in the carriage gasped, but I ignored them.


Just then, an arrow shot out from the trees.


“Get down!”


Daniela cried, and everyone but me lowered their heads. Those who could not fight flattened themselves on the ground. They were the prostitute, the young nobleman and the merchant. Surprisingly, the beastkin girl was a fighter. She had brass knuckles on her hands. I did not see that coming…


Daniela tilted her head as the arrow shot passed her. It did nothing to her nerves, and she shot back without hesitation. Her arrow found its target as if being sucked in by a magnetic force.

Apparently, the archer had been riding on a horse, and the animal came running towards us, now riderless.




I crushed the Ice Arrows with my fists, returning them to mana. Then I jumped out of the carriage and onto the horse’s back. My hands grabbed the reins awkwardly as I quickly activated Jack of all Trades, Master of None and viewed ‘For Dummies! Easy way to calm a horse!’


“There! There!”


I patted it on the neck. After a while, the horse whinnied and calmed down.


“I can ride horses! Let me!”


The woman in light armor shouted as she got out of the carriage. And so I willingly got off and gave her the seat. I wouldn’t be able to do much with it anyway. If I tried to ride through the forest, I would be smacked by every tree branch until I was knocked off.


“Good. Let’s go!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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