Tensei Kenja – 29

I Created Magic


“Uhh…I’ll try comparing it to something similar then.”


So saying, I searched my memory for the right magic.

Magic similar to ‘Fireball’… So it should be ‘attack magic’ with a different attribute.

I thought this as I searched. And then I found Water Bullet.


“Additional Magic Intake—Water Bullet.”


I said. The contents seemed to look pretty much the same as Fireball.

But there were three lines in the center that were different.


“Uhh…Am I supposed to change this part?”


As a test, I changed the three lines in Fireball and replaced them with the ones from Water Bullet.

And then I converted the finished code into magic.


“Output– ‘Fireball: Water Version!’”


And then instead of fire, a bullet of water shot out.

I see. So that’s how you use it.


–And like that, I tried analyzing and combining different kinds of magic and slowly began to understand how to use Magic Creation.

Well, as I was using it now, it was more like ‘Magic Combination’ than ‘Magic Creation.’


In the future, I would like to be able to actually understand all of the text and create original magic.


“But for now…this should do.”


I said as I looked at the structure of the finished magic.

Ultimately, what I had made was a combination of ‘Circle Barrier’ and ‘Hellfire of Obliteration.’


If I used this, I could kill monsters in a limited area without using the slimes.

It was hard to imagine what other kinds of magic I would need, and so I would probably just have to create them on the spot when the time came.

Of course, making magic aimlessly now could still come in handy later… But analyzing and creating magic also took energy, so you had to be careful.


‘We arrived!’


‘The monsters aren’t moving!’


As I was thinking, the voices of the slimes echoed in my head.

Some of the slimes had apparently arrived in an area that was close to the monsters.

As the Proud Wolf still had to carry the others, it would take some time before they were all properly stationed.


However, if it was too wide a net, then even a hundred slimes would not be enough…

…I know. I should increase them while I could.


‘You slimes that are there now. I want you to search the area for other slimes or monsters that can be tamed!”




‘There’s a slime over there!’


And like that, the slimes started to solicit the other slimes.

It wasn’t just the slimes in the Dryad forest, slimes, in general, were very easy…




‘He’ll protect us?’


And so they quickly gathered together.

However…I couldn’t transfer magic until I tamed them.


If only there was a skill that allowed me to tame monsters at long distance…


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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