Tensei Kenja – 5

Surprisingly Expensive


“While you can sell monsters without being registered…150,000 cicols is a lot, you know? I think you should leave this for now and go and prepare some money!”


I see.

I didn’t know anything about the money in this world, but apparently, 150,000 cicols was a lot.

In any case, it looked like a good idea to save up outside of the guild.


“I understand. I will come back later.”


So saying, I looked at the slimes.

It could have just been me, but they looked disappointed.


…Oh, right.


‘Hey, where did you put the boar we hunted?’


I asked them through telepathy. This was also a Tamer skill.


I had killed a monster boar in the forest.

I had actually meant to eat it… But I didn’t have enough magical energy left to cook it and had to give up.


It might be a lot of work to go back and get it, but I wanted to know how much it was worth so I could get a grasp on the money here.

That’s why I had asked…


‘We brought it.’


The slime said as its body spread out.

And then the actual boar came out from inside of the slime.


‘…Storage magic?’


So slimes were able to do that as well.

I was about to be impressed…but the slimes denied it.


‘It’s not that.’


‘It’s your skill, Yuji.’


Upon hearing this, I searched my memory.

And then I realized that among the skills I had, there was one called ‘Slime Storage.’


Apparently, this was my skill.

The reason that it wasn’t displayed in my status was that it was contained within the Taming skill.


…I had received a lot of skills from that book, but even I did not really understand what it was that I had.

I would eventually have to look over them carefully.


I thought about this as I picked up the boar(the status window called it Burst Bull).


“Well, could I sell this first?”


“Uh, where did that monster come from…? Wait just one moment!”


So saying, Miss Lilly ran to the back of the guild.



I waited for a few minutes.

Miss Lilly returned with an old man.

His name tag read: ‘Assistant Branch Manager – Geis.’


“What do you mean, a monster you can’t make a judgment on?”




Miss Lilly said as she pointed at the Burst Bull that I was holding.

And then Manager Geis’s eyes widened.


“Is that…a Burst Bull?”


“I think it is. How much can I get for it?”


“Yo-you say it as if it’s nothing…do, do you mind if I take a look at it?”




And so I gave him the Burst Bull.

This was a world where dragons existed, so this monster couldn’t be considered to be that strong…but judging from his reaction, maybe it was very rare.


“…It’s in good condition. You look like you’re a Tamer… But how did you defeat it?”


Assistant Manager Geis glanced at the slime on my shoulder as he asked me.

I wasn’t sure how to answer the question…


“I just killed it with magic.”


Geis seemed shocked when he heard this answer.


“Magic!? But I thought you were a Tamer!?”


“I am a Tamer… But can’t Tamers use magic as well?”


“No, Tamer’s cannot use magic.”


So Tamer’s couldn’t use magic.

Well, maybe it was because I was a Sage as well.


“It must be my other job then. As it seems that I am also a Sage…”


“There is no way that you would have two jobs!”




“I don’t know what to say. But I don’t understand you at all…”


Assistant Manager Geis said. He had the kind of expression that suggested he was looking at the strangest thing.

I felt as if it wasn’t a negative impression…but he was troubled over how to handle me.


“…Anyway, couldn’t I just be considered a Tamer for now?”


“Judging by that slime, there is no doubt about it. You are a Tamer. …But, can you really use magic?”


“I can. Though I’m a little low on magic energy today, so I would prefer not to have to prove it right now…”


I said as I opened my status window.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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