Tensei Kenja – 5




Job: Tamer, Sage

Skills: Taming, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Thunder Magic, Wind Magic, Time-space Magic, Special Magic, Great Magic, Familiar Magic, Support Magic, Altering Magic, Ultra Combat Arts.

Attributes: None

HP: 126/193

MP: -95124/1567

Abnormality: Overuse of magic


My MP had recovered quite a bit, but was still below 0.

But since I had HP, I suppose I could fire off once or twice if I had to…


“No, that’s fine. Since you have that, you must have come to take the test? Well, everything will become clear when you take it.”


Assistant Manager Geis said as he looked at the application form in my hand.

But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the test.


“Ah. About that… The thing is, I don’t have enough money to pay the fee.”


I said as I waved the form in front of me.

150,000 cicols was apparently a lot of money, and it would likely take a long time to save up that much.

I wasn’t sure how I would make it.


…I was thinking about such things.


“But aren’t you going to sell that? It would be enough, you know?”


Said Assistant Manager Geis as he pointed at the Burst Bull.


“…That thing is enough?”


But I thought 150,000 cicols was supposed to be a lot of money?

I had just killed this monster for lunch. It didn’t seem like it would be worth all that much…


“Aye. I’ll give you 300,000 cicols for it.”


Assistant Manager Geis said as he began to take out the gold coins.

I didn’t know much about the currency here, but if this would allow me to take the registration test, then it was more than I could have hoped for.


“I see. I will sell it and take the test then!”


So saying, I took half of the gold coins that I had received and put them on the counter with the application form.


“…What is this?”


The Assistant Manager looked at the form as if it were incomprehensible.

Then he looked at Miss Lilly.


“I told him to correct it, but this was the result…”


Apparently, they thought I was lying.

But I had written it all honestly.


“Well, nevermind. It will all come out during the test. This is nothing but a preliminary examination. You will pass if your strength meet the standards and fail if it doesn’t. That’s all that matters.”


And so the Assistant Manager accepted the form.


“Now…as for the date. There is one tomorrow and another eight days later. Which do you prefer?”




I said quickly.

It was best to hurry.


“…Are you in quite the right condition?”


He asked me worriedly.

But I was pretty sure that I was fine.

Judging by my recovery speed, I would probably be at full MP by tomorrow.


“I’m fine.”


“Very well. Then please come to the guild tomorrow before midday. The test will take two nights and three days, so be well prepared.”


The test was that long?

…Well, whatever will be will be.

I thought as I left the guild. I decided to stay at any random inn that caught my eye.


Now that I think of it, that Adventurer named Gale had said that it was dangerous outside of the town today.

Maybe I should go and take a look.

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