Tensei Kenja – 52

Magic Worked Quite Well


“It’s the Earth Dragon! It’s coming right towards us!”


“No way! It’s here!? …But, what about the dragon by the entrance? Is it still there?”


“Yeah. It will be hard to get past it without being noticed. …Uh, are Earth Dragons very strong?”


Tina heard my words and gave me an exasperated look.

But she answered quickly.


“Earth Dragons are some of the strongest in the B-Rank. That usually makes them the strongest monsters that appear in these forests. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been sent to investigate!”


…I see.

I still didn’t quite grasp this whole ranking business. But I suppose that was how it was.


That being said, it seemed like the Earth Dragon would still be manageable compared to the dragon that was guarding the entrance to the valley.

As for the dragon I killed when first coming to this world…I honestly did not remember it much.

But I still felt I had a chance here.


“Alright, as a test, I will use the slimes to attack the Earth Dragon.”


“Are you crazy!? Not even a group of C-Ranking Adventurers could take on an Earth Dragon! Just pray that it doesn’t come here!”


“Yes, I don’t think we can defeat it. We should just avoid provoking it and hope it turns around…”


Like that, Tina and Lisa tried to stop me from launching an attack on the Earth Dragon.

However…there did not seem to be much time left.


As they discussed the matter, the Earth Dragon was just getting closer and closer.

It was clearly very fast on its feet.


Thirty seconds passed…and then we could hear the pounding of its feet on the ground.

It was not less than 500 meters away from us, and we could see it with our own eyes.


“This is…not going to work… We must press against the wall and pray that it ignores us!”


“Running away will only delay its attack by a few seconds… We will just have to pray that we are lucky!”


Tina and Lisa had now given up on trying to do anything.

They went into a dent in the cliffside and prepared to wait for the dragon to run passed them.


However, I had not given up on killing the Earth Dragon.

We didn’t even have to kill it to win, just drive it back.


‘Magic Transfer—Hellfire of Obliteration!’


I transferred magic to the slime that was closest to the Earth Dragon.

I felt the sensation of sudden MP depletion just as the area around the Earth Dragon erupted into flames.


I watched until the fires died down and I could see inside.

There it was…the Earth Dragon corpse.


The limbs and tails had all been carbonized and were shapeless, but it was the Earth Dragon without a doubt.

What? But that was just one hit.


“I got it!”


Once I was sure it was safe, I called to Tina and Lisa.

However, they stayed by the cliff without moving a muscle. Of course, they did not reply either.

As their HP had not gone down, nor were they afflicted by any statuses, they were probably just holding their breath so the Earth Dragon wouldn’t notice them.


…It wasn’t until the area had been quiet for a whole minute that the two turned to me.

And…they saw the burned Earth Dragon and raised their voices in alarm.


“No way! You were actually able to kill it!?”


“I thought that I was having some wild fancy after the utter despair had caused me to lose my mind…”


..Hmm, that was kind of rude.


“You really, really killed an Earth Dragon with a slime’s magic!? If you can kill an Earth Dragon by yourself, that means you have power that is close to an A-Ranker…”


“I wasn’t alone. The slime and I did it together.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. “to get passed it” -> {to pass by it}/{to get past it}

    ‘The slime and I did it together.’ ye, that explains everything, as if that combo multiplies your power by a million times. Yuji should find some better excuse next, or just be more honest about his OPness.
    Thanks for the update!

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