Tensei Kenja – 157

Undercover Operation



A few minutes later.

The slimes used the same method to get passed the second door as well. And they had now arrived in the room on the other side.

A most bizarre scene lay before them.


‘Wha-what is this!’


‘That water looks gross!’


There was a large glass container filled with a water-like liquid in the center of the room.


People in red clothes were facing the glass container and praying.

On further inspection, the man who had just entered—the villager who was called ‘number 5267’ was also praying with them.

Then one of the men in red clothes stood up.


“My prayer.”


He said. And then he made a small cut in his palm with a knife.

And then…he let the blood drip into the container.


With every drop of blood, the liquid in the container seemed to get darker.

But there was so much liquid in the glass container. A few drops of blood should not have made such a difference.


Usually, it would have just been diluted by the water until it was barely even noticeable.

However, all of the liquid became black after just 10 drops of blood.




‘Hmm. It’s so weird!’


‘It’s like the water they carried for the Fire Dragon!’


…The Fire Dragon water, huh.

They were probably talking about the cursed water that the Blue Moon of Salvation had carried up the mountain.

In that case…


‘So this is where they produce the cursed water then.’


I had undone the curse before.

So cursed water didn’t really frighten me… The problem was…why were they making cursed water here?


There was no mistaking it now. This facility was related to the Universal Purification Device.

So there must be a reason that they were making cursed water here as well.


‘…Go search the other rooms too.’


There wasn’t enough information here.

And so I had the slimes search the rest of the facility.


Thankfully, I already knew how to get past doors that were waterproof.

So the slimes could enter any of the rooms that they wanted.

It was a good opportunity to expose all of the secrets that this place had in store.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. And here I was expecting them to make that cursed crap in a more… science-ish way. Oh well, at least the slimes are going around undeterred.

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