Flower Field Demon King – 6

Chapter 6


“I’m sure you can imagine the rest. I called together everyone who hated that country bumpkin and we did what we could to suppress her.”


While this sounded monstrous, she had the kind of gleeful expression on her face that suggested she didn’t feel an ounce of regret.

Yes, she looked so very happy.


The feeling of joy over tearing up that hated woman’s dress.

Seeing the despair on her face when she was pushed down the steps.

Such sweet memories. Such laughter.

In fact, she was starting to wonder why she hadn’t just pulled out a knife and killed her slowly.


Had she done that, she would not be in her current position.

Defeating a wicked woman who seduced men who were promised to others. Was that not justice?


Adelia’s voice was beautiful, just like a princess. And it was with this voice that she talked about her past misdeeds.

While her face was beautiful, she had the heart of a hideous monster.


“I see. However, since you were the one with the upper hand, how is it that you ended up here?”

Kuders asked her suddenly. That was when Adelia’s face flashed with rage.

Ah, it was the face of a witch. The face of someone who had sold their soul to the devil in order to get revenge.


“Someone told the Crown Prince, that’s why. They said I was leading a mob and hurting that country bumpkin. And so, ultimately, the Prince came out and declared that such a cruel woman was not fit to be the future queen.”


Everything was blamed on Adelia’s character alone, and her engagement was annulled in front of everyone.

Not only that, but as she had been so filled with anger at this point, Adelia was truly unable to carry herself in a way that was proper for the future queen.


“Father was very ambitious. And so you can imagine how furious he was when the Prince told him of the annulment. The senseless man disowned me and then sold me to the slave merchants. …Well, that is the story that people tell.”

This was such a tragic end that Kuders frowned.


Disowning her was one thing. It might have even been within the limits of reason.

But to sell her into slavery instead of sending her to a convent… Was there no love between parent and child?

If this was considered normal, then it was clear that the aristocracy knew nothing of humanity.


“But that is most strange. Surely, approaching an engaged man in such a way is a great crime. If what you say is true, then it is this other woman that should be thrown into prison. Is that not true?”

“And yet, she escaped that fate. That country bumpkin. Yes, those stupid men who fell for her charms could not wait to do things to earn her favor.”

Of course, it was all guess-work on her part. But it seemed close enough to the truth.

Indeed, she was now in a position where great crimes could be erased.


“What a dangerous person.”

Kuders muttered.

As someone who had lived long in the Demon Empire, he had encountered many similar people. They tended to have a great effect on society.

Sometimes they were called Revolutionaries. They used comforting words to spread their poison.


“Yes, isn’t she? She pretends to be delicate and brave, and yet she has a knack for getting men to side with her. It is her one talent.”

“How horrible…”

What would this country turn into with such a person as queen?

It was just as Kuders got that far away look in his eyes.


“No, it is after that that things got horrible.”

Adelia smiled self-deprecatingly. Kuders narrowed his eyebrows.


“There is more?”

“That country bumpkin. She claims to have taken pity on me… And so she used her influence to ensure that I am never sold at the auction… So that no strange noble would buy me. Yes, ‘don’t sell her.’ Do you know what that means?”

Adelia said this as if she were testing him. Kuders understood.


“Ahh… It is just too horrible.”

It may have seemed like the mercy of an angel, but it was the work of a devil.

It wasn’t so much that she was ‘not to be put up for auction,’ but that ‘no one’ was allowed to buy her.


“Yes. All slaves are put up for auction. Like this.”

She stood up and courtesied like a pantomime. And then she mimicked the voice of the auction master.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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