Flower Field Demon King – 6


Now, ladies and gentlemen. The moment you have been waiting for.

Gaze on the most infamous and wicked woman in the kingdom.

I’m sure that all of you know this already, but she hurt our future queen and tried to force her way into the Crown Prince’s heart. Yes, it is that horrible woman.

Indeed, here is a person who deserves the life of a slave and to be treated as lower than cattle.


However, have you all heard of the sweet mercy of our beloved future queen?

She could not bear the thought of a highborn lady who knows nothing of work to be treated like livestock.

And so she asks that none of you buy her.


However, that is not good for business.

And so, I will do my best so that she can be sold.


Now, let the bidding begin.

We will start at nothing.


Oh, no one?

If you do not have money, I will accept trinkets as well?

Yes, like that torn up sock you are wearing. How about it?


“…Yes, the crowds explode with laughter. It is only after I have been made a laughing stock for a satisfying amount of time that he ends it like this: ‘Oh, you are all so kind. I am defeated. Farewell for now. Let us meet again at the next auction, where this unsold villain will make another appearance!’”


In other words, she was being showcased.

She was being used to show the angry, unhappy commoners that there was someone below even them.

And the people threw their stones in the name of mercy and laughed and found solace.


It was both impressively smart and incredibly cruel.

As a demon, Kuders had seen many evil acts, and even he became speechless.

As he stayed silent for quite some time, Adelia suddenly opened her mouth as if remembering something.


“Ah, you… Do you really like me?”

There was a sweet poison in her words. Kuders’s heart jumped in his chest.

While Adelia was only eighteen, she had all the enticing beauty one could ever ask for.

And while Kuders was a demon who had lived for four hundred years, he had never been in love before. In other words, he was no match for her.


“Uh…yes. When I am with you… I don’t know… My heart beats faster…”

“In that case…”

Kuders’s voice was hoarse and his face turned red as her lips neared his ear. It was as if she was going to kiss him gently, but instead, she whispered.

She had the smile of Herodias’s daughter, Salome.


“I want you to kill the Crown Prince and his country bumpkin. If you can escape the guards and come into my room without getting hurt, it should be easy enough for you. If you do this for me, I may just be willing to accept you?”

Shudder… A terrible chill ran through his body.

Those sweet words were filled with such malice that even the man who served a Demon Emperor was taken aback.


“Are-are you serious?”

“Of course, not. Forget what I said.”

Adelia gave a half-smile. But there could be no mistaking it. Her voice had been as real as anything.

However, she smiled coldly as if she would permit no further questioning. Then she looked towards the door; commanding him to leave.

However, Kuders did not move immediately.


“Why do you hate them so much?”

“Why shouldn’t I hate them?”

But Kuders wasn’t satisfied.

Still, Adelia had no other answer.

And so Kuders thought about it for a while before looking at her again.


“Can I ask just one more question?”


“What if…what if this Crown Prince were to truly repent for his sins? What if he threw out this country bumpkin and got to his knees before you and begged for forgiveness. What would you do?”

The words he spoke were so different from what she had been expecting.


“…That’s impossible.”

She said. But her voice trembled slightly.


“But if it did happen? If it could happen, what would you do?”


Her lips froze. Her tongue would not help her form the words.


“I would never forgive him.”


Her hatred was real.

That was for certain.


However, it had taken at least three seconds for those words to come out…that was much too long—what did it mean? Even she could not explain it to herself.

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    • Well. He’s been controlling the whole demon land’s logistic for a long time. No way he is an idiot. He just loves to be filled with a head full of flowers because he’s been working his whole youth. I think he also knows his own abilities and how the previous demon king tries to control him by filling his brain with flowers.

  1. I had this on my list at the intro. Ah.. such a great read. She truly is a unrepentant villain… but then so is the baron’s daughter. I wonder what wicked plans she has for the kingdom. Two “revolutionaries” in the same kingdom, should be explosive.

    • Which one the villainess locked in prison or the idiot about to have there world torn asunder by flowers

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