Flower Field Demon King – 7

Chapter 7


And so Kuders returned to his room and…


“No good!”

Just as Kuders shouted this, there was a loud pop and a clump of eerie tentacles disappeared. And then they were replaced by colorful flowers.

How many times had he repeated this? The floor of his room was covered in a layer of petals so thick that it looked like a carpet. However, this carpet…was wiggling.

“Hmm. It really is a problem.”

He groaned like a constipated bear. As for what was troubling him—kill the Crown Prince and his lover… Those were the words Adelia had whispered to him. Ever since that moment, he had struggled over whether he should make this wish of hers come true.

Should he kill them? Was there another way? Or should he try and change her mind?

Those were the kinds of thoughts one would assume would be plaguing his mind. However, demons were not humans. And Kuders was eccentric even among them, so it was no surprise that he thought differently.


As he let out yet another groan, another clump of tentacles was born in his hands.

The dark red tentacles were covered in suckers. They twisted and writhed on the ground as if they were trying to get his attention.

It looked a lot like being in a sea of octopuses. This was especially bad, due to how vigorously they still moved. And yet it was somehow worse than just that, because the severed edges of the tentacles were spreading sticky strings of fluid everywhere and endlessly dirtying the floor.


It just so happened…that when Kuders started to think hard… These strange tentacles would start to appear.

It was no surprise that no one wanted to get close to him when this happened, and so the guards that were assigned to watch over Kuders did so at a distance.


Well, they were not the only ones who were watching Kuders.


“Hey, aren’t you men supposed to be overseeing him! Make him stop this disgusting play at once! And if you can’t do that, move me to another cell!!”

Now, even Kuders’s neighbors were complaining.

However, the guards just ignored them with troubled expressions.


They knew that doing such a thing would lower their esteem as far as their superiors were concerned.

And that wasn’t the worst of it.


–One of the prisoners we are guarding is spreading disgusting, magic tentacles all over the floor. And so we are moving his neighbors to different cells.


And then their superior would reply:


–Then simply put an end to his tentacle creating.


However, that meant entering his damned domain of writhing tentacles.

They did not have the courage to do that. Not in the least.

If that was what would happen, it was much better to just ignore the complaints of the other slaves.


“…But, what will happen? Maybe they will disappear by themselves after a while.”

“How would I know? I doubt anything can be done. Hmph. We can just order the other slaves to deal with it.”

The slaves overheard this conversation and immediately grew anxious.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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  1. So his flower field can become like that just from thinking hard. No wonder the previous demon king filled his head with flowers.

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