Two Saints – 66

Return 10 – Where To Next?


“What was with him?”

“I don’t know.”


One thing was for sure, this Van had made their return to the palace feel rather uncomfortable.


“That one just talks too much. Still, there does seem to be a problem.”


Sera told them.


“In the first place, there aren’t many dungeons in the elf territories. And there aren’t many elves either. So they do not really care…or you could say, they are a little more merciful when monsters rise from the dungeon in small numbers. However, they say that there are so many monsters now that even human Adventurers do not want to go there. And so they are asking for help.”


That sounded really bad. However…


“The Midland soldiers have been gone for nearly a month. And they had to fight in dungeons along the way. They must be so tired. Besides, they are still on the ship.”


Maki muttered. Sera answered gently.


“Yes. This time, soldiers will be sent from the south land of Roland. In fact, the elf lands are on the other side of the sea of the south lands.”

“But they don’t have trains, do they?”

“Yes, Lady Chiharu. However, it would take much longer to come here and take trains to the elf lands by passing through the dwarf territories. And so it is best to go there by boat.”


I see. Maki was satisfied with this, and so she decided to relax on the sofa with Sauro and Saikania. However, Chiharu was still wondering why so much noise was being made in Midland.


“Well, as things have turned out to be so abnormal in the dwarven territories, they want someone who is experienced to lead the soldiers.”

“You mean, they were waiting for Kaider and Nyran to come?”

“Mostly Prince Nyran. It will raise morale to see your own prince lead the way. Of course, they also wanted Prince Edwy to join.”


Sera said in a timid voice. And so Chiharu told Sera all about Edwy.


“Oh, Edwy. I heard that he did good work in the dungeon, but we only saw him during the march…”


And then she told her about how cool he had looked as he commanded the soldiers and negotiated or managed things.


“Edwy is quite popular in town as well. I would really like to tell them about what he did.”

“Of course. I am sure we can schedule a trip where you can go without disguising yourselves. There is no need for that, now that you have been revealed to the public.”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I think you should have dinner with His Majesty and Lord Zynis tonight.”

“Of course.”


Chiharu sat down on the sofa and looked at Sera with a smile. For a while, they would be able to relax.


That evening, they ate in the king’s own room, and so it wasn’t stiff and formal. And while the people present were an impressive bunch that included foreign princes and ambassadors, they were all very friendly with each other.


Furthermore, Kaider and Nyran were working as Adventurers, and so they rarely visited the Midland palace. In fact, the last time they visited was during the presentation of the Saintesses. And that had been unofficial, so they had not joined the feast or any of the parties. Well, it was really just because neither of them could be bothered to attend.


In any case, they were a little nervous. They didn’t mind talking about the dungeons and monsters and how they related to the Saintesses. Or how the Saintesses had dealt with them. Those reports were easy enough.




“I see. So you two accompanied the Saintesses all the way to the city of Greige.”

“And protected them. All without knowing it.”


Arthur and Zynis said. Somehow, they were both very intimidating. Yes, it was true that they had protected a young boy and girl. And something very lucky had happened during their travels as well. And surely there was no problem with that. Yes, no problem at all.


Maki and Chiharu took no notice of the nervous atmosphere as they enjoyed talking about the dwarven lands.


Once the food was finished and the drinks came out, Chiharu decided to ask about what would happen next. Van had been quiet all of this time. What was going on?


“So, uh, what are you going to do in the elf lands?”

“Ah, Chiharu. What a thing to ask.”


Arthur rubbed at his temples.


“Huh? Arthur?”


What was the problem? Chiharu wondered. Van answered.


“What are you talking about? We are leaving tomorrow.”


Tomorrow. Why couldn’t they let everyone rest a little longer? Still, perhaps it was that much of an emergency. It was not her place to make any comment about it. In that case… Chiharu and Maki turned towards Kaider and Nyran.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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