Two Saints – 54



After Maki and Chiharu were carefully carried away, what was left in the area was a mountain of magic stones and tired soldiers and Adventurers.


Aeris did not leave Maki and Chiharu, and Kaider and Grudo went with them, so that left Edwy and Nyran to clean things up.

Everyone was still shocked about what Maki and Chiharu had done, and that they had fainted, but they still had work to do.


“Soldiers of Midland and you brave Adventurers. I am thankful that your hard work helped bring an end to this turmoil. Of course, you will be paid after we sell the magic stones, so do not worry.”


Edwy told them after they had finished.


“Hey, Prince Edwy.”


One Adventurer called out.


“Who were those two?”


It was something they had all wanted to ask. That’s what it seemed like.




What could he make public about them? It was the kind of thing that the kings of each country were supposed to decide. But these soldiers and Adventurers had witnessed something. And how could he explain it to them? They all waited as Edwy thought about it.


“The truth.”


“Even we don’t know. Just tell them the truth and your feelings towards the Saintesses.”

“You’re right.”


Nyran encouraged him, and Edwy made his decision.


“As you have all probably guessed, those two are this generation’s Saintesses.”


The crowd was a mixture of surprise and nodding.


“But they were dressed in such filthy clothes…”


These Adventurers didn’t miss any details. Edwy thought.


“Ah, the thing is, they were disguised as cooks.”


The truth.


“Those two kids. The ones that were attacked by gazers and fell into the lake.”


The Adventurer said.


“Ahh, them.”

“So it was wigs.”

“The Saintesses were feeding us.”


The soldiers said in surprise.


“I don’t understand how, but they got rid of the monsters. If they had such power, why didn’t you use them first?”


There you go. The question.


“Then let me ask you this. Have ever heard anything about Saintesses killing monsters?”

“…No. I haven’t.”

“In other words, no one knew that they had such power. That is the truth.”

“So you didn’t know. Indeed, you all looked very surprised when it happened.”


The Adventurer said thoughtfully.


“No Saintess has ever come so close to a dungeon before. The only role a Saintess is given by God is to exist. And so they have always stayed quietly in the castle. However, no Saintess had arrived for six months, and the miasma thickened. That is why they came this close to the shadow world for the first time. And this is the result.”


“However, let me say this. You all saw them collapse.”


The crowd muttered in agreement. They were all worried.


“We don’t know how much stress it caused their small bodies. We don’t even know if they will ever wake up again.”


Edwy choked on his words. No. He could not let his anxiety show here.


“Some people say that purifying the world of miasma is all they do. However, Maki and Chiharu were torn from their beloved families and summoned here. Do you really want to press this burden of killing monsters on those weak Saintesses, just because they have power?”

“What are you saying! We are Adventurers!”
“We would never do that!”


They replied in anger at Edwy’s words. Good. Of course, he did not really consider them to be weak.


“The Saintesses have performed a miracle and stopped the outbreak of monsters. But we cannot rely on that. We must deal with the rest ourselves.’


The crowd shouted in agreement.


“Now, we can only pray for their recovery. That is all.’


The dungeon was quiet. The monsters must have stopped increasing in number. That would mean their mission in the dwarf lands was complete. After telling his soldiers to rest, Edwy and Nyran hurried to the mayor’s mansion.


Of course, not all of the Adventurers were good people. In fact, it had been Adventurers who kidnapped Maki and Chiharu.


“Do you know who that man was, Nyran?”

“The one who was talking? He is famous. A veteran who is considered a leader. A very good Adventurer.”

“So that’s why he wanted to make things clear. I’m relieved.”

“Are you sure you don’t have to make them keep it a secret?”

“There is no point in doing that. Besides, I would rather have the truth out then twisted rumors.”


Even the truth could be received differently. Some were disgusted by the idea of Saintesses making monsters vanish. Others saw them as a threat to their jobs. Rumors of the Saintesses were generally positive, but they all spread.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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