Two Saints – 54


Maki and Chiharu were brought to the mayor’s mansion by the soldiers. There, they were taken care of and guarded.


“Why are you bringing servants here!”


The mayor said indignantly.


“Shut up. They were the ones that rushed out of here a little while ago.”


Grudo snapped. The mayor went pale. At least they were unconscious now, so he might still get away with it.


“I have to talk to you about matters including the dungeon. Come.”


Grudo said.


“Grudo. Aside from fame, what right do you have to give me orders?”

“If you want authority, Kaider’s here as well.”

“We want to ask you some questions. We can do it here as well, but you won’t like it.”


Kaider was enough to break the mayor’s resistance.


“Now, as for the dungeon, we have succeeded in cutting down the number of monsters.”

“Thank you very much. I had some silly little report earlier about the Saintesses doing something.”

“It wasn’t a silly report. Surely you know that the Saintesses have arrived.”

“Of course. This time, there are two of them.”

“Yes. The truth is, they have been with us all this time in secret. They were kept at the health resort, since the dungeon was too dangerous.”

“Ohh. Well, you should invite them to this mansion.”


Grudo sighed and shook his head.


“They already were. And by force.”

“Wh-what do you mean!”

“Those two.”

“Oh…you mean the orphan boys I was considering hiring.”

“They are the Saintesses.”

“No-nonsense. They are boys.”

“They disguised themselves for their own safety. Of course, they had no idea it would end up putting them in danger, mayor.”


Grudo glared at the mayor now.


“I-I only wanted to help them since they had nowhere to go.”

“Then why did you lock them up in a room?”



Grudo! How much do you know!


“I hire people who are starving. I pay them properly. What is so wrong with that!”

“It is a crime to kidnap people!”

“What? What could you mean? I may receive services and pay for it, but I don’t keep track of what they are doing.”


Grudo sighed.


“Do you know the birdfolk?”

“Those sky creatures who don’t listen?”

“They never forget a face they are interested in. They already captured the Adventurers who delivered something to this mansion.”

“What! I don’t know anything about that!”


And then Kaider said,


“You did well managing the dungeon. You also helped develop the town of Gromble. And it is not a crime to hire starving boys from other countries, regardless of your tastes. The fact that you have grown arrogant and fat means nothing as long as it does not lead to embezzlement or uprisings.”

“Prince Kaider.”

“However, there are boys that you haven’t hired that are in the house. It is known among the Adventurers that they will be paid for bringing human boys to you. And now we have proof.”


“This is all very troublesome. My job is to fight in dungeons. This was really work for my older brothers. However, it involves the Saintesses.”


And then Kaider said,


“The king will know about all of this. You will stay here until there is word from the royal castle. And don’t you dare try to escape. Dwarves don’t have many friends outside of Midland.”


The mayor’s shoulders drooped as he was dragged away by the soldiers.


“I doubt it will be that harsh.”

“He will lose his position and lands. But I bet he will continue to live in exile.”


Now they could finally go to Maki and Chiharu. They hurried to their room.

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