Two Saints – 69

Riding the Airship


“Magic Stone Researchers?”


Came the surprised voices. Maki nodded.


They had been thinking about it from the beginning. What were these stones that the cute gazers were turning into? What about the stones on their foreheads? How were they different from the magic stones from the dungeons?


It was time for them to face these problems. Chiharu had hated it at first, but two months had passed, and she was now accustomed to it.


“We can sense the voices of the monsters.”

“I’ve heard the reports. But it’s not something I can easily believe.”


Arthur said with a serious expression. That was no surprise. Maki thought.


“At the same time, we also feel something from the magic stone. It’s weak, but there is something like warmth.”


Maki said. Then Chiharu continued.


“At first, I thought it was body heat that they maintained after falling off of our heads. But the gazer stones are also a little warm. And it continues. Maybe the voices of the gazers and the warmth from the stones…”


Chiharu looked towards Grudo. He answered.


“Hmm. It just feels like a cold rock to me.”

“I would like to hear more about this.”


Aeris said excitedly. Maki answered him.


“I think its a good opportunity. We want to know more about the monsters and magic stones. And we can talk about the differences.”

“Of course, we don’t know if it will mean anything in the end. So we won’t ask to be paid. We just want to be given the positions of assistants to Grudo.”


Then Chiharu turned to Arthur and said with a smile,


“Then we’d have a purpose for going. And we wouldn’t just be there doing nothing.”



Arthur cupped his chin and thought.


“If you promise not to do anything that is dangerous.”


Arthur looked at Aeris and Grudo.


“I won’t push them into doing such a thing.”

“I don’t want a repeat of the awful thing that happened in Gromble.”

“In that case, fine. Maki and Chiharu. Will you go to the elf lands as assistants for Aeris and Grudo?”


Maki and Chiharu looked at each other and nodded.


“Of course.”

“Of course.”


And like that, it was officially decided that the two of them would travel to the elf lands.


The airport was on the route to a port town called Tram.


There was one flight to the elf lands every week, and while it was costly, anyone could ride it. It was made in this location as a compromise, as it could not be too far from either the castle or the town.


“We actually passed by this place many times, Chiharu.”

“I didn’t even notice it, Maki-chan.”


They looked up in awe at the airship.


“Well, it’s not surprising, since it’s only ever here when it lands. And the private ship is not that big.”


Aeris said this proudly. The main airship could carry 20 to 30 people. But Aeris’s private airship was smaller and could only carry about 10 people.


Maki and Chiharu had heard the word ‘airship’ and thought of something they had seen back in Japan. A more typical dirigible, that was like a giant balloon with just a small area with seats on the bottom.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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