Two Saints – 69


However, how could they describe what they were looking at now? Hmm. A house. No, more like a room. It was a rectangular box that was the size of a small house. It even had windows and a door.


Apparently, the levitation stones made the box light, and then they used magic stones to move the propellers. In other words, this rectangular box was going to sway around in the air.


“It’s not going to sway. It’s very comfortable.”


Aeris insisted. But the two were still hesitant. Had they seen anything so fantastical since coming to this world? No, they had not.


However, there was also a reliable pair there as well. Kaider and Nyran were standing by the airship, wearing the same Adventurers clothing that they wore during their first encounter. Yes, these two had come to Midland by airship in the first place. So they had been in it. And so Maki and Chiharu felt that it must be safe.



“It’s off to the elf lands next.”


They said casually with a raise of their hands.


“But I’m not dressed as a boy this time.”


Maki said with a little embarrassment. They were both wearing a short one-piece dress with pants underneath. It had been Chiharu’s idea, and Sera had them made. The clothes were very easy to move in, so they would be fine even if they were abducted by the birdfolk again. It puffed out near the ankles, just barely covering them, which gave them a feminine touch. In fact, the castle soldiers and maids had been staring at them for quite a while.


“Not that you looked terrible…”


Kaider said as he scratched his nose.


“But you look much better as you are now.”

“You’re one to talk.”



Maki pointed her nose away, and so did Kaider.


What was going on? What. Chiharu was a little surprised, and so she turned to look at Aeris. Aeris looked down at her and the corner of his mouth curled a little.


I had no idea. I didn’t realize that such a nice thing was happening. Well, no, it did seem quite likely. Chiharu told herself. But then again, maybe it was just that Kaider was such a meddler.


In any case, things were starting to get interesting. Aeris looked at the smiling Chiharu with gentle eyes, then he raised his voice.


“Now, all aboard!”


To the weird-looking airship! They were off to the south lands.

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