Two Saints – 70

Meanwhile, at the Castle


“They’re gone.”



Zynis and Arthur were on the castle balcony and watching Aeris’s airship floating and swaying off into the distance. Well, Aeris would have been angry if he heard them use those words. However, it was definitely odd seeing a box flying in the air like that.



“Ah, I’m sorry.”


Zynis turned around. There were three dog people behind him. One was ash-colored, just like him. The other two were a pale, golden color. While the golden pair was a man and woman, they were all much smaller than Zynis.


“We’ll be late. However, I wanted to see Maki and Chiharu’s cheerful departure.”


Zynis said as he returned to his room. The ash-colored dog man wagged his tail as he replied.


“Do they really have such worth? Mother is fighting monsters at the frontlines of the beastkin territories.”

“I heard the Saintesses are just lazily eating and drinking as they travel.”



Zynis looked at his son, who seemed very bothered. This dogman appeared to be about 20, but he was actually almost 100. Usually, he was with Zynis’s wife and fought daily in the dungeons.


“So that’s what you think, Dilon. What about you, Ortha and Corete?”


Zynis asked the golden dogfolk.


“I don’t agree. They are doing what they can. Mother just likes to fight, that’s why she is there. And you deal with diplomacy because you are good at it, father. Besides, previous Saintesses never went outside, so this is a huge improvement. Please introduce us one day.”

“I don’t care either. Also, they were pretty cute.”

“Hmph. That just sounds like a convenient excuse to me.”


Dilon said with annoyance. Ortha was Dilon’s older sister. She was 130 years old. But she looked to be the same age as Maki and Chiharu. Her pale but rich golden fur was from her mother. Corete was Zynis’s nephew and was the same age as Ortha. He seemed to never feel stressed wherever he went, and so he was often sent on special missions.


Zynis sighed inwardly. It was an important time and he had some reservations about bringing his inexperienced son on this mission. However, Ortha, who was unlike her parents and rather small in stature, was already active in special missions within the human territories. Dilon was also small for a beastkin, but he wanted to fight on the frontlines. And yet he had been assigned to this mission against his will.


Could he succeed when he was this emotional? Zynis was worried. But Arthur had assured him.


“Zynis, you saw what happened with Edwy.”


“He has grown so much in just two months. There are not many opportunities for beastkin to leave their territories. It will be good for him and for your people.”


Arthur patted Zynis on the back consolingly.


Yes. His body was too big for him to blend in with the humans. And so he would have to leave it to them.


Just then, there were the sounds beating wings by the window. It was the birdfolk.


“It’s a bit tiring flying across the sea.”

“Most people aren’t as stupid as Sauro and Saikania.”


They were birdfolk that lived within a limited area and didn’t travel long distances. Of course, that limited area still had a radius of dozens of kilometers. While Sauro and Saikania’s tribe were more fit for traveling long distances, they attracted too much attention on land. That’s why Arthur had gone out of his way to call birdfolk that had brown feathers. The feathers were a glossy, burnt brown color with white on the inner side. Their eyes were light brown. Perhaps it was because of this, but they looked more thoughtful than Sauro.


“Have the Saintesses left already?”

“Yes. Just a moment ago.”

“Ahh! I wanted to see them!”


The birdfolk moaned.


“They were so cute.”


Ortha said.


“We should have just come by train. I always wanted to ride a train. But the thought of being under the ground just makes me sick.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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