Two Saints – 93

You should at least be a little sorry


“Haa… I wasn’t sure what was going to happen there.”


The boy said with a sigh. The girl picked up the stones.



“Ah, Edwy.”


When Edwy called, they both casually turned around. Then they saw how worried Edwy and Aaron looked, and they looked just a little guilty.


“Maki. Didn’t you say that you were 25 and that we didn’t have to worry about you?”

“Yes, and you don’t. But we didn’t say anything about sitting quietly.”

“You always have an answer for everything.”


Aaron scratched his head with annoyance. Maki watched him with amusement, then she looked behind him.


“Ah, it’s Zynis’s sons.”


After all, they had the same face. As they had talked before, Maki stepped forward in order to greet them, but the distance remained the same.





It was no surprise. After all, Dilon and Corete had taken a step back without thinking. Maki wondered what was going on when she suddenly felt a chill in her chest. Ah, yes. They had been watching what they did to the gazers. So they were scared. I see. Once Dilon and Corete realized this, they looked away with awkward expressions.


No one had ever been afraid of Maki and Chiharu before. If anything, people had been desperate in their attempt to protect Maki and Chiharu from the monsters. Either that or they would just watch as the monsters were turned into stone. But that was because they were close.


This couldn’t be helped. And she would remember it. This was the reaction of a normal person. If anything, it was good that they got it out of the way now. Maki would not have to be surprised the next time that this happened.


And so she did not go any closer to Dilon and Corete. Instead, she turned around to face Chiharu. It’s fine. She smiled. Chiharu had a hand to her chest as she looked at Maki worriedly. Chiharu was sad too. They were both sad.


Chiharu had touched her chest like that at the Midland castle as well. Sorry for laughing at you at that time. It hadn’t even stung this much when the inland strangers had talked to them. Maki maintained her smile as she looked down.


“Back then, everyone here was a stranger, Maki-chan. So we didn’t care what people said. They had nothing to do with us.”



She didn’t need to say anything. Chiharu understood. 


Yes. This was their world now. And so it hurts to see someone they thought was a friend shrink back.


Maki looked like she was going to cry, and so Chiharu slowly approached her and threw her arm around her.


“To think that there are some who can’t even see the truth. Dogmen and youth are not what they used to be.”


The voice of a birdman echoed in the silence. And they heard someone move behind them.


“Woah! Huh? Oh.”

“You don’t need to act so surprised.”


Said the big dog that pushed its head between them.


“Of course, I’m surprised! A 2-meter dog just appeared between us!”


The morose atmosphere was gone, as Maki joked and Chiharu threw her arms around Zynis’s neck.


“Dilon. Corete.”


Zynis’s soft voice echoed. Maki shuddered when she heard the names. She sensed someone coming towards them from behind. They continued to hold onto Zynis.


“Huh? Ahhh!”



Something passed both Maki and Chiharu. Before they knew it, there were two very large dogs in front of them. Their ears were drooping a little sadly. One was ash-colored and looked like a smaller version of Zynis. The other was a light yellow and was very large.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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