Two Saints – 93


“These two learned your great secret as Saintesses before they learned about how cute you can be. And so they were surprised. They are still young.”


Zynis said.


“I’m sorry.”

“I was shocked.”


Their voices rang. Maki hesitated for a moment. But Chiharu stretched out her hand immediately.

Dilon was next to Maki and Corete was next to Chiharu. Maki looked at Corete and raised an eyebrow.



“Stop it. Well, they do look a little similar in color.”


Chiharu interrupted her.


“You could have at least let me say it.”

“I thought we agreed to stop doing that.”


As they stretched their arms out, the large dogs moved under them. And like that, their hands hesitantly started to pat the dogs, which were nervous and stiff. After a while, their tense bodies started to relax.


“See? The Saintesses are not scary, are they?”


Zynis said teasingly.


“That’s horrible!”

“We’re so quiet and calm!”


Chiharu and Maki said angrily. And then Dilon and Corete said,


“You’re not quiet at all.”

“But, you aren’t scary. You’re warm. Just like us.”


The words echoed in Maki and Chiharu’s ears, and then they turned to each other and nodded.


“Hmm. One of them is unfortunate.”

“One of them does not pass!”


And then,


“Wh-what do you mean, I don’t pass!”

Dilon shouted.


“I didn’t say it was you…”




Dilon shook angrily. However…


“You still have a long way to go.”


Zynis said, immediately silencing him. It was rather sad to have to be told such a thing from a father who didn’t know how to read the room. However, they did learn something. These two humans were no different from the others. Just like we can transform, they were humans with a unique power. That’s all.


Well, they were still very strange.


“Aaah, the miasma is getting thinner.”


Corete muttered. The air around them started to feel clearer.


“Oh, no. We have to hurry back before they close the back door.”


Maki said frantically as she looked at the sky.


“You. Is that how you two slipped out?”

“We’ll talk about it later!”


Maki ignored Aaron’s exasperated voice as she started to run. But Edwy came in to stop her.


“What’s wrong with it being closed?”


“After all, I’m sure you told them that you wanted to go somewhere while keeping it a secret from your older brother?”


Maki’s shoulders slumped. How did he know? Edwy was surprisingly formidable.



“We’ll just tell them that we caught you anyway. And then we can all return through the front.”


I see. That seemed like a good idea. However…


“But being caught by my older brother will make me look stupid. I don’t think my pride will allow me to…”

“Pride? You do realize that we already found you?”



Indeed, they did look quite stupid. And Edwy was angry. Maki’s instinct was ringing a warning bell. It was best to obey them in this instance.


“Alright, we’ll go back together.”



And then Edwy turned to face Zynis and the others.


“Well then. See you tomorrow morning. We’ll move at the same time as today.”


Maki and Chiharu looked up at Edwy in surprise. Edwy nodded and said,


“We are going to rescue the captive merman.”


Captive! What an idiot. Chiharu recalled Saia’s face. I don’t want you to help him. I just want information. That’s what he had said. He was so wrong! Damn it.


Chiharu grumbled like this in her heart. Edwy urged her on, and without looking back, he said,


“It’s thoughtless friends that hurt people. I told you that.”


She felt a chill in spite of it being summertime. Perhaps it was because it was night.

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  1. “Self-destruct.”
    That line made me laugh!

    I have enjoyed the recent installment as always. Thank you for the time you put in to translate this series. ^__^

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