Two Saints – 70


“We can wait for the Saintesses here after we finish our mission.”


However, they were typical birdfolk inside.


“Now, Kleo and Kaela. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I must explain your mission.”


Arthur’s serious voice echoed. He sat down behind his desk, and the others all settled into chairs.


“I’m sure you have all heard the news. But we received a warning from the merfolk.”

“It was something like ‘beware of the inland mirror lake.’ That doesn’t really tell us anything.”


Dilon said. Arthur nodded.


“That’s why we are having the beastkin help us.”


Arthur said as he touched the wrinkle between his eyebrows.


“There has never been any animosity between the human tribes. However, I’m sure you all remember the recent incident where the Saintesess were insulted by the inland people.”


Everyone nodded. The story had spread to all of the other lands.


“It was so unreasonable that we cut off all trade with them temporarily. The thing that should have hurt them the most was the import of magic stones. However, they do not seem to be affected at all.”


They imported the same amount once trade had continued. Of course, the inland people apologized before too long, but it seemed almost like they did it out of boredom. As if they were humoring them. That’s what Arthur thought.


“Something is happening there. It was when we started to suspect this, that Amia gave us the warning. It’s very rare for merfolk to send humans a warning. Of course, it’s very like them to send a warning that we can barely make sense of.”


Arthur said with a sigh and then he rubbed his face tiredly.


“Of course, we’ve already sent out some human scouts. However, I want the beastkin to avoid any main roads and search the area around the mirror lake from the mountains. If necessary, you can also infiltrate the nearby town.”


Arthur said as he looked at the others.


“Thankfully, the Saintesses are headed to the elf lands. I heard that the merfolk saved them from the gazers when they were at the mirror lake in the dwarf lands. That being said, Maki and Chiharu claim that the monsters would never attack a Saintess.”

“As someone who fights in the dungeon every day, that is hard to believe…”


Ortha muttered.


“Kaider and Nyran witnessed it.”

“Kaider and Nyran? Then it must be true.”


Kaider and Nyran were trusted by other dungeon crawlers.


“Zynis and his team will go from the mountains. Kleo and Kaela can go from the sky. Don’t do anything dangerous, but gather as much information as you can.”




They all nodded.


The dwarves, including Grudo, and the elves, including Aeris, had spent the last 300 years inventing useful magic items. All of these required magic stones, which meant that the number of monsters had to be increasing to make up for it. Had they not been developing these magic items, they might have realized this sooner.


Something was happening. Well, it had been happening for the last 300 years.


Arthur saw the scout teams off and then looked in the direction that the airship had gone. It would be best if the scouts found nothing. And it would be best if the Saintesses could live in peace.

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    • I had the same thought! Kaider x Maki seems a likely ship now but maybe she will like one of the other beastmen? *_* Maybe one of Zynis’ kids?

  1. Zynis being married has also sunk my ship. Sad times, I’ve been hoping for some more maki romance as there seems to be a big discrepancy between fluffy moments between her and chiharu.

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