Two Saints – 80

The Birdfolk and I


As for the birdfolk…


“So, that’s why after riding the boat, we want you to take us close to the border town while avoiding any places where people might see us.”


Maki said to Sauro. He was listening quietly with folded arms.





He called Saikania. They stared at each other for a moment.


“Should we call them?”

“We have no choice.”


They said. And then Sauro glanced at Maki and Chiharu before flapping his wings and taking off somewhere.


“Uhh, where did Sauro go?”


Maki said frantically.


“Oh, don’t worry about my brother. There are four people to carry, right? So he went to call for help.”

“Ahh, that’s right. It would be too hard for just the two of you. Sorry for not noticing.”

“You two are fine. Because you’re both so light. And we’re used to carrying Edwy. But, that other one? No way. He’s not used to being carried, and he’s heavy. And he’s not cute either. That’s no fun.”

“Hey-hey-hey. I understand that he’s heavy, but your standard for fun is strange.”

“What are you talking about Maki? That’s the only standard.”

“I-I see.”



And so the birdfolk decided to help them. Saikania stared at Chiharu and said.


“I wish I could go with you inland. There is this upward current that is very fun.”

“No-no-no. I don’t think so.”

“But Chiharu, you’ve gotten so much better at flying.”

“No way! I still have a ways to go.”

“Really? But white wings draw so much attention. These wings are good for flying high, but not for sneaking around.”


Saikania sounded very disappointed.


“That’s too bad. It would be really comforting if you could be with us.”

“Ah, you’re so cute, Chiharu.”

“Hey, I don’t want to fly! People will–ah!”


Saikania and Chiharu flew out of the castle, which resulted in them being seen by many children. Chiharu was just glad she was wearing pants under her skirt. Seriously.


Still, they had gained the help of the birdfolk. And so the next day, Maki and Chiharu appeared in the departure ceremony and smiled and waved at the people as they got on board the ship. Once the town was far away, the birdfolk quietly picked them up, along with Edwy and Aaron, and they flew away.


It was unlikely any of the soldiers on the ship would say anything. Regardless, they were told honestly that the Saintesses had to leave on an emergency mission with Aaron.


The Saintesses and Edwy ran on the ship’s deck as they took off. But Aaron’s takeoff was more awkward, and people chuckled as they watched.


It was Orne and Puel who came to the ship. This was because they were used to carrying heavy men. However, Sauro had only left during the afternoon of the previous day. Orne and Puel mainly stayed in the dwarf lands. But Sauro was with them during the ship’s departure.


Maki and Chiharu shivered with this realization. How fast were these birdfolk? It was clear now that they had been serious during their attempt to abduct them and carry them across the sea.


The four birdfolk and four passengers went around the port town and flew for an hour. Then they landed near an empty area beside the road.


“O-one hour is too long.”


Chiharu said as she collapsed. Aaron also wobbled and fell to the ground. Maki and Edwy looked at them with exasperation. But Chiharu thought Edwy and especially Maki, were the weird ones. Think about it. It was like riding a rollercoaster for an hour.


Still, Chiharu turned to Saikania and said,


“Sorry for making you carry us for so long. You must be tired.”

“You’re so cute, Chiharu. I’m not tired at all.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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