Two Saints – 80


Saikania was fine. She was paired up with Sauro, after all. She was only a little bit bigger than Chiharu, but had so much strength.


“Chiharu. We have to get changed now. Edwy and Aaron too. Put on your commoner clothes!”


Maki ordered.


“Hey, what are you two doing!”


Aaron looked around frantically. It was empty land with a grove surrounding them. But there was also a road nearby. There was no place to get changed.


“Huh? We’re getting changed.”


By this time, Maki had already taken off the pants under her skirt and put on some boy pants. She had changed like this a lot during gym class when she was in high school. Chiharu was also changing into her young girl outfit, though, she was still shaky on her feet. Of course, she still had her pants on.


“Alright, I need to change my top, so turn around. You too, Sauro.”


However, she was wearing an undergarment underneath her clothes. It was like a t-shirt.


“Ah, wait!”


Maki and Chiharu changed quickly, while keeping an eye on Aaron. Then they switched their head ribbon for a handkerchief and put their dirty blonde wigs on. Now they looked like inland children with long bangs. Edwy also got changed and put on a wig that was the same color as Aaron’s hair. Now he looked like a Lowlander who had just recently become an adult.


Then the three of them told Aaron to hurry up and get changed as well.


The four of them faced each other.


“Edwy. I don’t think that wig is enough for you.”


Even with the wig and the commoner clothing, he stood too much like a prince, and was also too handsome.


“And you two have changed too much. You’re like, super commoners.”

“That sounds quite rude. But we are commoners.”


Maki muttered.


“But, speak for yourself, Aaron. You look like a commoner now too.”

“It just means I’m a man of the people.”


He said angrily. But he was Nyran’s older brother. While he didn’t necessarily stick out, he was still good-looking.


“Well, it’s fine Maki-chan. It just means we’ll stick out even less.”

“I suppose so…”


Maki said with a pout. But Chiharu, who had been wobbling around a moment ago, started to urge them on.


“Now, let’s head to the next destination.”

“Yes. Sauro, please take me.”

“Alright, trade.”



Maki asked. Then Sauro looked up at the sky and shouted loudly. Then four birdfolk descended in a flutter of wings.




Aaron’s voice echoed dumbly.


“I can fly for hours when I’m alone, but even I won’t last long if I have to carry someone. And so I called in some replacements.”

“Called? When?”


Chiharu’s voice was shaking a little.


“Hmm? In the beastlands, of course.”

“But how?”

“Is there a problem? Are they not enough?”

“No-no-no-no, they’re enough.”

“Don’t worry. While you can’t see them, there are about 20 others here too. They’re flying a short distance away so they don’t attract any attention.”

“20! Uh…thank you…”

“They were all so happy to come. It was hard to narrow the numbers down.”


Sauro said with a smug expression.


“Oh, uh. How nice.”

“Right? Alright.”


Sauro’s face suddenly turned serious.


“There is still some distance to travel to the border town. So we should move on to the next point.”


He said. And with that, the four of them were surrounded by the birdfolk and quietly escorted away.


That summer in Lowland, it was said that merfolk gathered by the beach as if the bless the departure of the soldiers, and if you looked up into the sky, you would see a group of beautiful white birdfolk flying up high. The miasma seemed to grow thin, then. And the people spoke the names of the Saintesses with a feeling of gratitude.


“I said that I didn’t want to draw attention…”


But Chiharu’s muttering was lost in the wind.

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