Realist Demon King – 55

The Battle


The moment the match began, it was surprisingly Jeanne who made the first move.

She charged forward with an expression so vicious that it was hard to imagine she was the same person who was usually so calm and composed.


“It is I who will accompany the Demon King! I will go into the dungeons with him!”


She shouted as she moved forward.


As for Hijikata,

“I don’t even care about that anymore. But I cannot lose to you, lady. I won’t hold back.”

He swung his bamboo sword.


The sound that rang did not sound like bamboo swords hitting one another.




The blades cut through the air at a speed that made you think wind blades would start shooting out.

While they were bamboo swords, you would not be left unharmed if you got hit.


I was starting to sweat a little just watching them. However, the fight continued without either being able to hit the other.


It raged on, and I half-expected to see sparks fly.


Toshizou was not big, but he was still bigger than Jeanne, and so he loomed over her.


Because of this difference, and since he was a man, many thought he had the advantage. However, Jeanne was good with her feet.


And she seemed to notice that she could not win by physical power alone. And so she put in a kick.


It was hardly what you would expect from a Saint, but she had fought through the battlefields of France.

You could not expect her to act sophisticated.


Toshizou seemed to have seen it coming, and he dodged the attack and jumped back.

All of this happened instantly.

Things moved incredibly swiftly in smooth motions.

The audiences watched with such concentration that many forgot to breathe.

It was the same with me.

I was captivated by the movements of these two Heroes.


They continued to trade thunderous blows.

Perhaps thirty in all.

But neither was able to land an attack. There was no end in sight.

Perhaps they were too evenly matched.


“Is this going to go on forever?”


Eve asked. I shook my head.


“It will end soon. I think Jeanne will win.”


How do you know? Eve looked surprised. I told her that watching Jeanne closely would be better than any explanation.


“Those bamboo swords are reasonably durable, but they won’t last forever. They will break soon.”


And my prediction was accurate.

The moment that Toshizou and Jeanne’s swords touched again, they bent.

Eve watched in disbelief.


“Are you a prophet, master?”


“Don’t exaggerate. Well, that should be it for the fight, but I’m not too sure they will let it end here. Perhaps they are too angry.”


As I said this, Toshizou and Jeanne threw away their swords and went to pick up their weapons.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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