Realist Demon King – 89



The bow that Demon King Decarbia sent to Demon King Zagam.

He put it into the Klein Bottle, and mystical energy seemed to envelop it.

Zagam had never witnessed the summoning of a Hero before.

The difference in atmosphere was slightly intimidating, but he quickly got used to it. And so he waited for the smoke to die down.

What he then saw was a man standing there in strange-looking clothes.

His hat was especially odd.

He was wearing armor over his loose clothing, and this armor was also not of this world.

Which was no surprise, as he was a Hero from another world.


That being said…


Zagam sighed. He had been excited to see what kind of Hero would make an appearance. And all he got was this short man.


Maybe it would have been better for him to sell the drifted relic and hire mercenaries instead.


He even said this out loud.

And to this complaint, the man replied.


“Demon King Zagam. While I may be short in stature, I once rode through the fields with the greatest king in the world. I could kill a hundred soldiers with just one hand.”


“One hundred? You are certainly not a modest man. However, who is this great king that you speak of?”


“The blue wolf. Ghengis Khan. He is my lord and also my father.”


“Ghengiskhan? I’ve never heard of him.”


Zagam didn’t know much about other worlds.

That wasn’t very bad in itself, but he was also too proud.

It was his flaw, and the reason he had trouble getting people to be loyal to him.

And that flaw would lead him into danger.


“Ghengis Khan or Jangus can? I don’t know who this is. But he cannot claim to be the greatest king as long as I am here. Go tell your father that. I’m a thousand times greater than him.”


Upon hearing this, the man’s expression changed.


He had been quiet and mild before, but now his eyes glowed red, and he unsheathed his unique, curved Mongolian sword.


He was so fast that no one’s eyes could follow him. He was suddenly right in front of Zagam.


And then a flash.


There was the sound of cutting wind as Zagam recoiled.

The man had moved so quickly.

He had not hesitated to attack the Demon King who had summoned him.

And the sword had easily cut off his arm.

He could see his right hand on the floor right now. There was a pool of blood underneath it.

The black liquid dripped down.


Normally, if you attacked the king that summoned you, you would be killed. But he couldn’t do that.


This was because all of the demon officers and human mercenaries in the room had had their heads cut off.


Everyone who tried to protect Zagam and everyone who had tried to kill the man had now become victims of his blade.


Zagam was unable to move in front of this overwhelming skill.

He would be killed next.

Knowing this, Zagam apologized for insulting the man’s father.

He didn’t know if he would be forgiven, but he lowered his head in a bid for survival.


Upon seeing this, the devilish expression disappeared, and he regained his calm. Then he said:


“Mongolians have great respect for our fathers. And our families. If you insult him again, I will kill you. So you must be careful.”


Demon King Zagam nodded and bowed two times. 

While his arm was being treated, Zagam asked,


“And what is your name?”


“My name is Jochi. …The son of the blue wolf. The eldest child of the man who created the greatest empire there ever was. As you are now my master, I shall make you the king of this world. I will go anywhere. To the ends of the earth and sky. Everything will become your domain.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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