Cave King – 44

Chapter 44 – We ate crab hot pot!


“Ah, I’m tired…”


I rotated my arms while looking at the freezer in the cave.


There were so many Scissor Crabs piled up, and all of them wouldn’t have been able to fit inside of the freezer.

That being said, I didn’t want to let such valuable and delicious meat go to waste.

And so I had to expand the freezer quickly. But this ended up taking more time than I thought. And now it was already night time.


Still, I was used to digging. And the others did help me. So it wasn’t as hard as it might have been…


“More importantly… Ahh! Achoo! …It’s cold!”


My breath came out very white as I wiped my nose.


As I had used ice magic to freeze everything here, it was very cold.

In fact, it was much colder than any of the winters had been back home.

But it wasn’t just that. The very sight of the frozen Scissor Crabs sent shivers down my body.


Next to me, Fule spoke up through chattering teeth.


“Sh-shouldn’t we get out now? It-it seems like the Golems have finished carrying the Scissor Crabs.”

“Ah-ah…yes. Let’s go.”


And so we stepped out of the giant freezer and closed the door.

I had thought we’d be able to escape the cold then, but the caves were already much colder than the surface.

It would not do much to warm my body, which was chilled to the bone.


I couldn’t feel my hands. It would be necessary to get to a bonfire as soon as possible…


The Golems were hurriedly rushing back to the surface, but Fule and I trudged on heavily.


As I thought of the long trek ahead of us, Mappa appeared on the iron carriage as if he had been waiting.

There were two goblins sitting in it and it seemed like he was teaching them how to control it.


Normally, Mappa was supposed to be in charge of the smithy.

In order for him to focus on his real job, it was necessary to teach others to be able to operate the iron carriage.


That being said, could he really communicate with them when he didn’t even talk…?


Then Mappa saw us and gestured for us to get in.


Fule and I were very grateful, and got in without hesitation.


And then the carriage headed towards the entrance.

The goblins were holding the levers, and Mappa just watched them. So, it seemed like they really had learned from him.


“Ahh. I’m hungry…”


I muttered without really thinking.


Now that I thought about it, I had been thinking about dinner before the Scissor Crabs appeared.

However, the work I had to do was very important. So it couldn’t be helped.


Well, we weren’t the only ones that were hungry.

While me and the other miners were expanding the freezer, Erevan and the others had been pulling the Scissor Crabs onto the beach.

And Rienna and Baris used ice magic to freeze them. They had only just learned that spell, but they were working very hard.


They were hungry as well… Hell, someone right next to me was hungry, judging by the sounds I was hearing.


“Uh, yes. Aren’t you just starving?”


Fule said with a look of embarrassment.

Hey, you don’t need to get so red in the face… But I guess that was another way that goblins were just like us.


“Yeah… Well, we’ll be able to eat a mountain of Scissor Crabs soon.”


Yes, Scissor Crabs were a delicacy among nobles in my country.

I had eaten a bite of it before, and it was delicious.


It had been served grilled…

I suppose we could cook it with fire magic tonight.


“…Hmm? What’s this smell?”


As I imagined what the Scissor Crab would taste like, a similar but more concentrated smell entered my nose.


Had it really smelled this wonderful before…?

No, perhaps it just smelled that way because I was so hungry.


In any case, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to eat it quickly. As such thoughts entered my mind, the goblin driven carriage arrived on the surface.


The first thing that jumped out in front of me, were giant Scissor Crab legs that had been boiled in a great pot.

However, starved or not, I could not eat that much… But then I saw that there was also a smaller pots filled with cut up meat, and everyone seemed to be eating from it.


“…So there are other ways of eating it too.”

“Ah, Lord Heal! And Fule! Welcome back!”


Rienna said. She was carrying a small pot in her hands.


I answered her as she walked towards us.


“Hello, Rienna. You not only froze all of them, but you even cooked all of this… But aren’t you tired?”

“Not at all! You’re the one who should be tired… And in any case, with such great ingredients in front of me, how could I do anything but cook them!”


She smiled with all the warmth of a goddess.

Ah, any sense of fatigue was blown away when I looked at Rienna…


“I just finished making enough for everyone! You two must eat with us!”


As I had ordered the others to take a break after they were finished gathering the Scissor Crabs, there were some who had already finished eating.


“Aye, let’s do that! I’m really hungry…”


I said as my stomach growled loudly. Rienna chuckled.


Then she put the pot over a fire and told us to sit down.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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