Cave King – 43

Chapter 43 – Red waves crashing!!


“A s-sea of blood?”


Fule got off of the iron carriage and blinked rapidly.


I too could hardly believe my eyes as I looked at the raging, red waves.

And when I came to the realization that it was composed of countless little red creatures, my body started to shake.


The red waves…were the result of numerous red creatures that looked like crabs.




Fule seemed to have understood that they were living creatures as well.


“Crabs. But those…”

“I think they’re called Scissor Crabs?”


Fule said. I nodded.


They were still too far for me to make out clearly. But I could still see that their arms were huge. You could not mistake them for ordinary crabs.


And judging by the fact that they had quite a lot of magic energy as well, they must be Scissor Crabs, which were a type of monster.


Scissor Crabs were powerful monsters that had giant pincers that were sharp enough to cut through trees. 

Their actual bodies were about the same size as a human, but their eight legs made them look larger and more intimidating.


They often landed on the shores of the kingdom, and were known to kill and eat livestock and crops.


What made them different from the Killer Birds, who were considered pests, was that they only attacked villages that were close to the sea or rivers.


But in spite of all that, Scissor Crabs were feared by the people more than the Killer Birds.


The reason for this was that Scissor Crabs were covered in a shell that was hard like iron. Which meant that most attacks outside of magic were ineffective.

Not only that, but the Scissor Crabs themselves could use lightning magic that paralyzed people.

For some small fishing villages with no protective walls, the Scissor Crabs were deadly. In fact, whole villages had been wiped out in the past.


“If I remember correctly, they even eat goblins…”

“Yeah. Humans too. I think they will generally eat anything.”


Even if I sent everyone to hide in the caves, all of our crops would be eaten.

I had to get rid of them no matter what…


And so Fule and I started running towards Baris and the others.

However, I saw that they were all by the shore and were preparing to fight back.


Aside from Baris, Rienna, Kamyu, Erevan, Ashton, and Haines were there.

There was also a line of goblin, kobold and orc archers. And a number of Golems as well.


The arrows would not be of much use. But Scissor Crabs were generally weak to magic. 

So having Baris, Rienna, and Kamyu here would make things a lot easier.


Rienna, who was the strongest magician after me, was the first to move. She created a magic fireball and unleashed it upon a group of Scissor Crabs.

Following her lead, Baris, Kamyu, and the Golems also unleashed fire magic.


And as the explosions of fire blasted the hordes, the charred crabs went flying into the air.


However, as soon as one cluster was gone, more would come in to take their place.


Upon seeing this, Erevan ordered the archers to attack.

While the ordinary arrows did not seem like they were doing much, some were using crossbows that Mappa had made. And the bolts easily tore through the shells of the Scissor Crabs.


Everyone fought bravely, without shrinking back in fear.


Especially Rienna, who had gained immense power through the crystals. Under her determined hands, the Scissor Crabs were sent to their graves, one after another.


Fule had become quite respectable with magic as well, and the number of Scissor Crabs started to dwindle rapidly.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I think Heal skipped through some steps. I think he shared those magic crystals with the evolved individuals. The crystals that when used would increase the maximum mana, or magic capacity, something like that.

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