Cave King – 202

Chapter 202 – A Fist Fight!

A golden statue appeared from the lake.

The statue looked just like the dwarf that we had seen earlier. It was even wearing proper armor.

Immediately, it started to raise its feet.

There was no doubt about it, this was a Mado Armor, just like the ones that we had been using recently.

“Fuhahaha! It seems like you all have Mado Crafts, but they are just cheap imitations, aren’t they!? Mine is made of Hihiirokane!”

Apparently, the dwarves called them Mado Crafts. But I suppose the meaning was much the same, as they were moved by magic.

Still, Hihiirokane, huh?

My magic had not been able to do anything against it.

We were suddenly at a disadvantage…

However, such worries were unnecessary.

Because a Mado Armor that had a wolf head was rushing towards the dwarven Mado Craft.

And then the wolf head slammed right into it. There was a loud gong, like the sound of a giant bell being struck.


The Mado Craft flew into the air and fell to the lakeside.

I looked up at the wolf head armor and said,

“Is that you, Ashton?”
“Yes! As Fule waved her hand, I rushed in to help.”

Upon hearing this, Fule muttered.

“But it hasn’t even been thirty seconds since I waved…”

Behind us, a different Mado Armor had lowered its hand to the ground.

“Master Heal! Please get on! Leave the rest to my brother!”

So Haines had also rushed to help us in an armor.

“Thank you, Haines!”

And so we got onto the hand of Haines’s armor.

“Da-damn it!”

The dwarf had managed to get its Mado Craft back onto its feet, and it was now trying to punch Haines’s armor.

“You’re just controlling an imitation! It can’t match our dwarven technology!!”
“If it’s just technology, we aren’t behind! Because this was made by Sir Mappa!”

Ashton made the armor crouch in order to dodge the Mado Craft’s punch.

And then its fist shot up from below and hit the Mado Craft in the jaw.

“!? Tsk!”

While the dwarf was blown into the air, he was able to quickly land on his feet and unleash several punches at Ashton’s armor.

However, Ashton dodged the chain of attacks with smooth precision.

Most of Ashton’s armor was made of Mithril and Orichalcum. Only a small portion was made of Hihiirokane.

In other words, it should be inferior to the dwarf’s Mado Craft in terms of performance.

But Ashton was clearly overwhelming his opponent.
This had to be due to the difference in combat experience between Ashton and the dwarf.

“Why! I should not be losing to some imitation Mado Craft!”
“For the honor of Mappa, who made it, I cannot allow myself to be defeated!”
“…Mappa!? So I am to lose to something made by someone with such an idiotic name! What!?”

And then the dwarf’s Mado Craft was easily kicked into the air by Ashton.

“Do you still want to fight?”
“D-damn you! If that’s how it is, I don’t mind if there is some collateral damage!”

The dwarf’s enraged voice echoed, and then a giant cylinder suddenly appeared from within the lake. It must be some kind of ballista.

The ballista then targeted Ashton’s armor.

Ashton must have detected the danger immediately. Not to himself, but to Alanberc.

And so Ashton moved so that the wastelands would be behind him. And then the cannon moved as if to follow him.

And then I too, used all my magic energy to cast Magic Shield around Ashton’s armor.

However, a new armor appeared and slammed its fists into the ballista.


We all raised our voices.

What appeared was a statue of Mappa…no, a dwarf-shaped Mado Armor.

There was no doubt that it was the dwarf type Mado Armor that we had taken from the dwarf palace. Because it wasn’t wearing clothes.

Just then, a giant beam of light shot out of the cylinder and towards the sky.
It then exploded in the air like fireworks.

There was no damage at all on the surface.

The dwarf’s voice quivered with rage at the Mado Armor that had struck the cylinder.

“H-ho-how… How is that here!?”
“…Huh? Isn’t it the same as yours?”

Fule muttered, and the dwarf shouted.

“It’s not the same at all! That is…the royal family’s Mado Craft! Surely it is obvious when you look at the texture of its rear!?”
“I can’t tell the difference at all…”

Both Fule and I were of the same opinion.
Our Mado Armor that had appeared just now, and the dwarf’s Mado Craft. We could not tell them apart. They were both quite hairy.

Just then, the Mado Armor’s chest opened up.

“I knew it…”

As expected, it was Mappa who came out of the Mado Armor. Without any clothes.

Upon seeing this, the dwarf’s Mado Craft fell to its knees.

“Y-you…!? There is no mistake… But how are you alive?!”

As we had thought, Mappa really was no ordinary dwarf.

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  1. So, the difference between Mappa’s recently found toy, and the baddie’s toy, is on the rear? I though that Mappa is the weird one, but he might just be a little more different then the regular dwarves.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. I wasn’t entirely being serious when I said I hoped that one of their gundams would Shoryuken the enemy but it turns out that’s exactly what happened.

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