Cave King – 203

Chapter 203 – A Prince!?

After rushing to us in the Mado Armor, Mappa used something like a rope to descend to the ground from its chest.

Haines also let us down by using his Mado Armor’s hand, and we stepped onto the ground.

“How is it that you are alive!?”

The voice echoed from inside of the Mado Craft.

Immediately, a light appeared in front of us. And then it transformed into the dwarf that we had seen earlier.

But the dwarf’s eyes were not on us, but on Mappa, who was toddling towards us.

“…Why is he alive? What do you mean?”

I asked, and the dwarf’s voice shook.

“That’s what I want to know! …That buttocks…the boldness to walk around unclothed as if it is nothing… This is…!”

The dwarf had a rapturous expression as he shouted.

“Prince Mappana! Of my home, the Zenrada Kingdom!”

I could not help but be stunned.
Even Fule and Taran looked more surprised than I had ever seen them.

“Mappa…na!? Is that what it translates to!? Tha-that’s not his real name is it?!”

Fule asked the dwarf without hesitation.

“A name is a name. There is no translation. Prince Mappana is Prince Mappana.”
“What a coincidence…”

The dwarf looked puzzled by how shocked we were.

However, he immediately knelt before Mappa.

“Your Highness! So you were…were alive all this time?”

But Mappa looked sternly at the dwarf.

“I-I was not in a position to have you exiled, Your Highness! I was nothing but the son of a tavern owner!”

But Mappa’s eyes remained tightly shut. And his face did not change from its icy expression.

“Su-surely you are not angry that I was going to use human lives as energy!? Indeed, you were always sympathetic towards humans… It was the saving of humans that earned you the wrath of your father the king…”

The dwarf continued to bow his head low before Mappa.

“I-I beg your forgiveness! However, now that you have returned, the manufacturing method for the stones can be completed!! Then I will be able to bring my comrades back with fewer casualties!”

That stones, huh…

The dwarf was talking about the Dragon Sphere Stones that resurrected the dead.

And if the dwarf’s words were true… Mappa knew the complete method for producing them.

Mappa looked at the dwarf with an exasperated expression.

“Y-you will not tell me how to do it!? But on the night that my friends return, we shall serve you as our king!!”

But Mappa ignored the dwarf’s petitions and turned to face me.

He then pointed at the ground. I think he meant that we should hurry up and take out the Arancian royals and nobles.

While it was possible he could bring his old comrades back to life, Mappa did not do it.

Of course not.

Dragon Sphere Stones were made from the lives of others… And Mappa was not the kind of man to make such things.

However, the dwarf looked like he did not understand.

“But why!? We lost our lives at their hands! The very ancestors of those people underground! Now please, take their lives as payment, and bring us all back!”
“I understand how you feel…but that won’t do. No matter how slothful those people are. They are not the people who killed you.”

Fule muttered.

“And what would you know about it!? Their ancestors robbed us of our future!”

But Mappa just continued to walk towards the entrance to the underground.

The dwarf looked on in despair for a moment. But then he stood up and glared at Mappa.

“So you will not do as we wish… However, I have come too far to give up now!!”

The dwarf vanished once again, and then the Mado Craft’s arm stretched out towards Mappa.


Fule and I tried to block it with magic. Ashton and Haines also tried to move their Mado Armors.

However, the Mado Craft had suddenly stopped moving.

“…What!? Why-why has it!?”

Mappa then pointed at the Mado Armor that he had been piloting.

When I looked, I saw that something like a pillar was coming out of the Mado Armor’s head, and a light was blinking.

“Control Communication!? I see. That is the royal Mado Craft… And so it can control everything in this area…”

Apparently, that light was making it so that the dwarf couldn’t control his own Mado Craft.

The armor had originally been hidden in what looked like a palace. And since it was the royal armor, it had a lot of different features.

“…I surrender. Please, do as you will with the people underground.”

The dwarf’s voice echoed from the Mado Craft.

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  1. I’m not surprised that Mappa was a prince.
    I’m not surprised that Mappa defeated that dwarf.
    I’m not surprised that Mappa was recognized for his butt.
    I’m just surprised that Mappa’s actual name was Mappa. Na.

  2. True to his name, Mappa stays naked (IIRC Mappa is similar to “naked” in JP, or a pun for that meaning). This explains some parts of Mappa, but not that Mappa part (the nakedness). I guess that’s heavy duty ingrained in his personality.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. I’m just surprised that Mappa’s real name is Mappana.

    Anyways Heal can just either put the dwarves’ souls into either the weird mimic metal or put them into slimes. There’s a bunch of both types back in Sheorl. They don’t need Dragon Sphere Stones. Plus wouldn’t all the lives sacrificed only produce one stone? The dwarf ghost said he’d need the entire population of Arancia for one stone so how’s he gonna resurrect an entire race of dwarves with just one stone? One stone only resurrects one life.

    Well regardless I still say they should leave all those nobles buried alive underground.

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