Cave King – 32

Chapter 32 – A legendary monster appeared!!!


“All of you… I demand you give us permission to land at once!!”


The orc, who had a white face and wore peach-colored lipstick, growled.


If I wasn’t wrong, orcs had gender.

And this orc seemed like a man… But the way he talked and acted seemed to argue otherwise.


Large beads of sweat were dripping from his forehead and smudging the makeup.

It was clear that he was panicking.


However, he then seemed to realize something else, as he scowled.


“He-hey, wait a minute… Why the hell are you alive, Ash. And that big goblin over there… Are you Ere of the Berdan tribe!? But how…”


Seeing a kobold he had fought before would be confusing enough.

But then there was Erevan… Apparently, his old name was known by the orcs as well.


“And furthermore, why is a human…and that giant spider…and that tree… Oh, is it possible that I’m already…”


The orc’s jaw began to clatter.

It wasn’t just confusion, there was clearly fear as well.


In the meantime, the other boats landed on the shore.

And while some carried swords and axes, they were all naked for some reason…

Well, I suppose there was an advantage to being light…


“Kamyu… It is a long story, but…”


Just as Ashton was about to explain, Erevan began to shout angrily at the pale orc.

Apparently, this orc was called Kamyu.


“Shut your damn mouth!! So, you’re the head of the Korbas!? I heard the rumors about you and your lack of taste in clothing!!”

“La-lack of taste, you say!? I’ve never heard anything so rude!!!”

“And who do you think you are? Allow you to land? Shouldn’t you be begging us!?”

“Don’t get me wrong! I am not asking for anything!! This is an order!!”

“An order!? You know, I think I’ll use your skull to make a toast during tonight’s fest!”


Erevan said as he raised his axe.

This was about to turn into a fight…and so I stepped in.


“Wait! Did you say your name was Kamyu? I am the lord of this island. My name is Heal.”

“You’re the lord…? …Well, you’re not bad looking, but that won’t stop me!”


Kamyu said as he suddenly dashed towards me.

I assumed he was going to try and take me hostage.


In retaliation, I raised my hand and was about to send a current of electricity through him.

However, Ashton and Erevan quickly jumped in between us.


Kamyu pointed his sabers at them but stepped back.


“I guess it isn’t going to be so easy…”


Erevan glanced towards Ashton, who was standing next to him with his scimitar.


“Ashton, get out of my way… I can do this alone.”

“No, Erevan… Kamyu is a dangerous enemy with many secrets. Besides, it will be difficult if we are to take him alive.”


Do as you will. Erevan spat in reply.


They really were from war tribes…

However, they said they intended on catching him alive.


I thought that I could probably accomplish it with magic, but allowing them to cooperate here could be useful, and so I let them.

Still, I didn’t want them to get injured, and so I cast Shield on them, just in case.


As for the other orcs, I ordered the Golems to take care of them.

But I told them to catch the orcs alive.


Kamyu then interrupted the two.


“That’s just fine. I don’t have much time anyway… You can both come at me at once!!”


…Not much time?


As I puzzled over this, Erevan and Ashton’s swords clashed against Kamyu’s.


Erevan was stronger, and Ashton was faster. Kamyu was quickly overwhelmed.

Erevan swung his great axe with tremendous weight, and Ashton would unleash quick slashes with the scimitar in between his attacks.

Kamyu was barely able to block them and launch a counter-attack with the sabers.


“Being tormented by such a strapping pair… Ah, we could have had so much fun under different circumstances!”


Kamyu licked his saber and pointed it at Erevan.


For the first time, I thought I could see horror in Erevan’s eyes.


“Do-don’t come any closer.

“Oh, what’s the matter?”
“I’ll feed you to the sharks!”


He shouted as he blocked the attack by sweeping the axe to the side.


Kamyu controlled his saber with more speed and power than any swordsman I had seen at the palace.

His movements were as delicate as his appearance was not…


Furthermore, he would occasionally fire off hidden darts from his arm. Kamyu seemed to be very skilled in combat.


But Erevan was the greatest warrior of his tribe, and combined with Ashton, there was little hope for Kamyu.

As for the other orcs, they might as well have been children. And they were easily swallowed up by the webs of the Cave Spiders.


Kamyu was soon out of breath as well, and as the sweat ran heavily down his face, the wig came sliding off.

There was little evidence of the pale, powdered orc from earlier, as the green orc was now revealed.


Even as he panted with exhaustion, it was easy to notice that he was every bit as handsome as Erevan.


“Haa…ha… I won’t die in a place like this… The Korbas cannot end here…no…no…”


Kamyu wanted to continue to fight.

But he also seemed to be in a rush.

…What was the cause?


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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