Cave King – 80

Chapter 80 – I rounded them up!!


Erevan muttered as he saw Berfalt head towards the boat.

“Something seems strange… Chief, do you think…”


I scanned the magic of the people who were lying down.

However, there was no magic to detect.

It was possible that they were hiding weapons…

Ashton and Haines searched from the top of the tower, but they looked at me and shook their heads.

Erevan’s head tilted to the side.

“They don’t have weapons again…”

No weapons and very weak magic… Surely that must mean they have no will to fight.

The average person would likely think this.

However, Baris had pointed out to me earlier, that they might be very different compared to us.

Those ears that looked like dragon wings… Perhaps they had the blood of dragons.

And with that blood, they could turn into…

As I wondered about this, Erevan noticed something.


The boat had docked at the wharf, and their chief…Arder, came out alone and unarmed.

Arder said something to Berfalt, and then he suddenly smiled as he walked towards us.

Berfalt said to me,

“Lord Heal! Sir Arder offers his gratitude and…has a request to make.”

“…A request?”

“Yes. These people here… They are very tired after a long voyage. And so he wishes for them to be allowed to sleep here for the night…”

Berfalt muttered as he looked towards the people on the boat.

Erevan could not keep silent.

“Stay on this island!? As if such a thing would be allowed!?”

“Ah! Ye-yes, of course! That’s what I told Sir Arder, but…”

Berfalt tried to relate Erevan’s words to Arder.

However, I raised my hand and stopped him.

“Wait. Tell him…his request is accepted.”

“A-are you sure!?”

Even Berfalt was amazed and sounded worried.

It seemed like he was just an interpreter and wasn’t told anything important. However, it was likely that he had a vague idea that Arder was plotting something.

“Yes. You can pitch a tent here, that is. In fact, the rest of the crew can come out if they want as well. We will prepare food and wine. How many of you are there in total?”

“Uh, umm…about a thousand, I think.”

“I see. A thousand. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Send for them all.”

I said.

“Chief! I must say, you are going too…far…”

Erevan sounded enraged, but I glanced at him, and he closed his mouth with a dissatisfied expression.

At the same time, Berfalt related my words to Arder.

Arder’s voice rose in surprise, and he bowed to me happily.

Berfalt then translated Arder’s reply in a worried voice.

“He thanks you…for your mercy. We will send for the others at once. That is what he said…”


Erevan snorted and walked away.

In the meantime, I made some preparations to ‘welcome’ them.

Well, there wasn’t much to do. I wasn’t actually going to be preparing any food or drink.

I just had to hold a meeting with Rienna and the others who could use magic.

They would wait around the wharf in order to surround those who came ashore. And if I commanded it…they would fight.

I also gave a certain order to the giant Mappa Golem.

Then I went to Erevan, who had ‘acted’ like he was angry earlier.

“Sorry, Erevan.”

“No. When I heard that you were calling all of them here, it finally came to me. It would be best to round them all up at once… After all, they might attack us with their ships. And so I agree with your plan.”

“Yes. I can’t let them return to their country like this…”

But according to Baris, they were not human.

It wasn’t incredibly likely, but it was possible that they could escape even without a ship.

And so I wanted to gather them together in one place before capturing them.

Before an hour had passed, their crew started to pour in from the ships.

And then the last boat arrived.

I roughly counted them, and there were nearly a thousand, just like Berfalt had said.

There were to be some people left on the ships to watch, but it seemed like Arder had brought most of them. 

Of course, they weren’t armed and there was little magic energy in them.

However, it was also eerily quiet as they waited on the wharf.

All the sick and wounded had been treated, and they were lined up with the rest.

It seemed like only the slaves were pushed into a corner.

As for us, I had our armed monsters positioned as if to surround them.

Arder then took Berfalt and approached me again.

Arder started to say something, but before he finished, Berfalt spoke to me in a trembling voice.

“L-lord Heal…I’m sorry. There is one thing I didn’t tell you.”

“I know. He wants this island, right?”

“Th-that is true, but… That’s not it. Arder and the others are not human.”

“Well, I thought so the moment I saw their ears.”

“Yes. But they aren’t just a race that look like humans… They are dragonfolk…”

It was just as Berfalt said this, that Arder raised his head and laughed loudly.

At the same time, Arder’s body was enveloped in light.

And when the light faded…

“A dragon!?”

Someone’s voice echoed from behind me.

What had appeared in front of me was a pale dragon with small wings.

It had four legs, though it now stood on its hind legs alone. And it raised its head to the sky and let out a deafening roar.

And then a huge bolt of lightning struck his body.

The dragon then glared at me for a moment, but then he began to talk in a smug voice.

Berfalt quickly translated.

“Did you see…my true form. This is the true form of first rank knight, Arder Arborder Darbelbenborg.”

I see. So they really could transform into dragons.

That was why they didn’t need weapons or magic in order to fight… So they had come empty-handed.

But he was smaller than Roydon, the earth dragon who had visited us recently.

He was perhaps the size of a fishing boat.

“What do you think? Are you afraid? You lowly creature?”

Arder asked me. But frankly, I was quite bored of looking at dragons.

Besides…he was just rather small compared to my first dragon, let alone the Leviathan.

Not only that, but this was expected. Baris had told me that it was likely to happen.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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