Cave King – 80


This race had ears like dragon wings. It was only a myth, but they were supposed to be able to turn into dragons.

He had also told me their weakness…but I wasn’t sure if that part was true yet.

The other monsters were like me, completely calm in their reaction.

And so Arder looked confused.

However, he immediately started to flap his jaw again, and Berfalt translated.

“…If you surrender to use now, we will spare you your lives.”

“Berfalt. Ask Arder this. What if we refuse?”


Berfalt asked. Arder laughed boisterously and shouted something.

And just like that, the dragonfolk behind him also started to transform into Lindwurms. They cackled as they looked at us.

Berfalt then told us what Arder had said.

“He says that you will all become their food…”

“I see…”

“Lord Heal. Please surrender. While they do eat rebellious slaves, they are not so bad to those who…”

“Sorry, but I can’t do that.”


I raised my hand. With that, countless balls of fire were unleashed from those around me.

These were from Rienna, Baris, and Fule.

They hit their targets precisely, burning off the wings of the Lindwurms.

Arder watched this in shock.

However, he quickly shouted with rage, and unleashed a lightning bolt towards me from his open mouth.

At the same time, the other Lindwurms also started to shoot their thunder breath at the monsters.

“Berfalt, get down!”


I ordered him to duck as a lightning bolt shot towards me.

Of course, the Golems had created Shields for us, and they easily blocked the lightning breath.

Arder’s expression looked both unbelieving and frantic.

However, he wasn’t the kind of person to back down so easily. He quickly rotated his body and tried to slam his long tail into me.

“I don’t know about this dragon kingdom…but you underestimated us.”

I unleashed Wind at Arder.

And then, as if he were a speck of dust in the wind, Arder was blown away into the sea.

“Huh? …What?”

Berfalt took off his glasses and looked towards the water.

Even the other Lindwurms could not understand what had just occurred.

However, they were very proud. And in spite of their confusion, they continued to try and attack us.

…We didn’t want to fight.

And I didn’t want to kill them.

But they were different.

They had attacked trading ships… No, even before that, in their country. Everything was solved through violence.

It seemed unnecessary when it was possible to communicate… Their attitude reminded me of my brothers.

“I think it will be necessary for them to feel a little pain first…”

And so Rienna and the others unleashed the fire arrows and the Lindwurms.

“Ahhh! Finally, we can fight!!”

Erevan was very confident in his ability. And so he, Ashton, Haines and the others charged with their swords and axes.

On the other hand, some of the Lindwurms were being bound up by Taran and the cave spiders.

Even Mappa was going around and smashing Lindwurm heads with his hammer.

And they were all protected by the Shields that the Golems were casting. The Golems were also protecting the slaves who huddled in the corner.

That being said I had made it very clear, that I didn’t want them to kill the enemy.

Which was easier said than done… Still, according to Baris, their ears were their weak spot. And so once they transformed, it was their wings.

Once they lost their wings, they would not be able to transform.

Normal dragons were supposed to be weak under the neck, but the dragonfolk seemed to be different.

Still, it was all according to myth. I didn’t know if it was true. And so I thought that if they did die, well then, so be it.

They were warriors who knew that death was always a risk…

However, Baris turned out to be right.

Those who had their wings burned off suddenly stumbled around and then returned to their original form.

And then they held their burned off ears.

It was then that Arder came back from the sea. And he appeared to be at a loss for words when he saw what had happened.

All the confidence was gone now. And he immediately tried to return to their ship.

However, it seemed that the Lindwurms were not especially great at flying.

He was slower than a Killer Bird.

Even worse, he kept looking over his shoulder in fear. He was a fool.

It was just as he was looking back towards us. A giant, rock hand came up and grabbed him by the neck.

Arder let out a scream. And just like that, his beautiful, finned wings were snapped off.

Fearfully, Arder’s face rose to look at the thing that clutched him.

What he saw was a giant Mappa with glowing red eyes…the Golem.

Arder’s body shuddered once, and then he became limp like a dead fish.

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  1. Of course they’d underestimate them. They could only see the island, the literal tip of the iceberg that is his domain. So yeah, TOTAL REKT!
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Well personally I think he should have just killed them but since he destroyed their ears they can no longer transform so they are now much less dangerous and Heal could force them into slavery via taming though I do like silvioeduardo99’s idea of selling them to Roydon when he comes. Turn them into food for true dragons since we know Roydon has no problem buying and selling dragon eggs for mostly food.

  3. Oh yeah, that was a satisfying outcome. I wonder if they can regenerate or heal their ears by themselves, but I doubt they still have the will to fight after this quick and absolute defeat.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. They really don’t have any option but to be tamed. Even the captain admitted that his king would blame him (rightfully) for the utter failures.

    Once tamed, they can’t hurt any of the citizens of the island (fellow tamed). They can be rehabilitated from there. For those who can’t be rehabilitated, the world tree always needs fertilizer or the sea will embrace any poor soul.

  5. I’m real sick and tired of a wimpy protag who can’t even bring himself to at least kill other, hostile sentient life to protect those he cares about. I do hope there comes a point he has to spill blood, for the sake of his people. This kind of fight where they only go for disables is cheap and disappointing. I’m not advocating he should have slaughtered them all, but he should have allowed a few “kill if necessary; disable otherwise” as both a warning and a show of strength. Heck, he should have just taken Arder’s neck from the start and demoralize the rest that way.

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