Cave King – 133

Chapter 133 – Deprived!?



Lopez went flying into the air.

–So I was able to attack him if it was from behind.

However, Lopez quickly regained his posture and directed his hand at me before unleashing a mist ball of darkness.

I blocked it with Shield, and then shot out more Teleportation Stones around him.

And like that, I moved behind Lopez again and attacked.

After repeating this several times, Lopez showed visible signs of weakening.

Eventually, he was no longer able to stand up, and he fell to the ground.

“Damn it…”

But I felt nothing but sadness as I looked at him.

He was the friend I had never been able to protect. And now I was hurting him with my own hands.

And so I cast Shield again. This time over Lopez’s body as if to protect him. He would not be able to shoot magic now.

“Lord Heal! We finished defeating the monsters!!”


Rienna and Erevan were running towards me from the wall. I could also see Elto coming down from the sky.

Apparently, they had finished dealing with the undead.

But, we weren’t safe yet. After all, Oren could use necromancy to bring people back over and over again. And who knew what other powerful magic he had?

However, it was an unnecessary worry.

Because Baris had used his magic to slam Oren to the ground.

“Alright brother! Let’s capture him!”

Ashton and Haines ran up to Oren and bound both his arms and his feet. And then they put a wooden gag in his mouth.

You couldn’t use magic if you couldn’t talk.

And with that, they dragged Oren and Balpas towards me.

Now, we were safe—that was what I normally would have felt.

However, I could not forgive Oren for being the cause of this situation. He had killed his own men and forcefully brought back my friend from what should have been an eternal rest.

…Not only that, but it was all done so he could enjoy seeing my reaction?

I could not understand it. Someone like this could not be returned to Sanfaris. He would not think twice about continuing to take the lives of innocent people.

However, I was currently more concerned about what to do with Lopez.

No, there really was only one thing that I could do.

I looked at him with a conflicted expression.

It was then that Erevan came to stand next to me.

“Chief. I’m glad to see that you’re unhurt. As for him…do you want me to do it?”

He asked me in a gentle voice.

He must have seen the hesitation on my face.

Next to him, Rienna opened her mouth.

“It will be dangerous to get that close. I will do it with magic.”

And then Elto said, ‘wait.’

“He’s a very rare species… A devil? Becoming an Undead has weakened him terribly, but they usually have enough power to wreak havoc on the surface. Did you know him, master?”

I nodded.

“I didn’t know his race…but he was my friend.”

“I see…that is very sad.”

“Hey, Elto. Couldn’t you…help him?”

I had thought of different things. What if I killed him once and then searched for a Dragon Sphere Stone to bring him back?

However, I wasn’t sure if I would ever find a Dragon Sphere Stone again. According to Shiel, there had only ever been seven of them found in the entire world. And the one that I had was already used on Mappa.

Perhaps the others could be found if I kept on digging. But I knew that wasn’t very realistic.

Elto had a severe expression as she muttered.

“Hmmm…indeed. There is one thing.”

“Just one?”

“Mmm. I am a Demon King. If I send him back to the Demon World once as my thrall, and then summon him back…he will likely be able to regain his old form.”

Oren had said something about that earlier. Demon Kings sacrifice a life in order to summon their minion.

“In other words…”

“Yes. You have to pay a price. And of course, that usually means a human life.”

And then Erevan spoke up.

“It can’t be a fish?”

“We are talking about an offering to the god of the Demon World. And to this god, the life of a human is a delicacy.”

“I see… I don’t really understand it. But I think we have the perfect offering.”

Erevan said as he cast his eyes towards Oren.

“Mghghh! Mmmghgh!”

Oren must have sensed something, as his shoulders began to shake violently.

“I can’t forgive him for rebelling against you, Chief. But it’s even worse that he killed his own men. Even the ship’s crew have been saying that they are going to demand justice when they return to Sanfaris.”

Erevan said as he pointed his thumb at the crew. They were currently standing by the wall and looking at us.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Wait so he doesn’t have any more of those Dragon Sphere Stones to resurrect people with? I could’ve sworn he had at least one more besides the one used on Mappa.

    • if i am not mistaken he had a stone that could be transformed into any other stone from the most useless ones to the most valuable ones like the stone of the resurrection the more i think he has already used this stone.

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