Cave King – 178

Chapter 178 – We Went Inside!?

“Wh-what is this giant statue!?”

Ogus and the Arancia guardians looked up at the now standing dwarf statue. Their mouths were open in shock.

It was huge… Indeed, it was. However, we people of Sheorl did not find it particularly surprising.
After all, we had seen giant creatures such as the Leviathan and a Giant Octopus already.

When I turned around, I saw Mappa’s face. He looked very pleased with himself.
But then he tilted his head in puzzlement when he realized we were barely reacting.

“Is this what you wanted to show us? Mappa…don’t you think that you’re underestimating us a little too much?”

Fule nodded in agreement.

“In spite of how long it took to show us, it’s not even that impressive. Also, it doesn’t look cool at all.”

‘Then wait until you see this,’ Mappa seemed to say as he started to work the controls again.

And then the armor started to come off, and the Dwarf Golem’s golden skin was revealed.
It was a very detailed statue, as if every hair was recreated.

As Guardian Vanessa and Karla looked away, Shiel realized what was happening and quickly started to push buttons on the device.

In the nick of time, the armor stopped falling off just as it reached its pants.

“If anything, it looks worse now… Also, what is the point of this feature?”

Fule said with exasperation. Mappa’s shoulders dropped.

“It just seems like a big waste… Uh, is this what they call a work of art?”

Said Haines, who stood with crossed arms. Ashton also muttered,

“I suppose anything goes with royals. It is one thing for it to be hard and well-made, but it does not need to be so big or humanoid.”

They pointed out. Mappa could not argue with them.

But I tried to intervene for Mappa’s sake.

“Well, well. I’m sure this thing uses Hihiirokane as well? In that case, it will be a great help for Arancia’s defenses.”

I wouldn’t defend its excessive size, but perhaps the people of Arancia would be happy to have something like this as an ally. After all, it did look very tough.

Upon hearing me say this, Mappa bowed his head gratefully.

However, I noticed that the sounds of crashing metal were slowly moving closer to us.

“This sound… They must have noticed us.”

Fule was right. We must have been discovered.
It was no wonder, with this giant statue suddenly appearing. It would have been seen by the giant Golems all over the city.

“Hey, Mappa. Since you wanted to show this to us so badly, surely it can fight?”

Haines asked. Mappa puffed out his chest as if to say, ‘leave it to me.’
He started to touch the controls again, making the giant Golem go down on its knees.

And then the giant Golem offered its hand to us.

I assumed that it was going to let us ride on its shoulder or hand.
However, a door opened up in its chest.

“A-a door? I can see a similar control device inside of it.”

As Ogus said, there were two chairs inside, as well as a machine with levers and buttons.

“Surely we’re not going to ride this and fight!?”

Fule asked. But Mappa gave her a thumbs up as if to say that she was right.

Mappa reached the chair through the Golem’s hand, and sat down. Then he gestured for me to follow.

“You…want me to get in? Uh, I don’t see why it has to be me. Maybe someone else wants to ride it.”
“When you think of it as being inside of Old Mappa, it’s a little…”

Fule said with a conflicted expression.

Mappa waved his hand again, urging me to hurry up.

And since the Golems were moving towards us, there was no time for hesitation.

While knowing that we were going to be high up in the air filled me with anxiety, I sat down in the chair behind Mappa.

“A-alright then. Everyone. I’m going.”

Then the door that was in front of us closed with a loud clang. And the outside world appeared on the golden wall inside.

“Wh-what is this!? It’s showing us what is happening out there?”

Mappa nodded and then started to move the levers loudly.

Perhaps the Golem was standing up again, as Fule and the others moved lower and lower from where we were.

“What an incredible view… I never would have thought that I’d be inside of a Golem.”

The view suddenly opened up, and I could look down at the entire city. We must be very high up. However, it was still a similar height to the World Tree, so I was used to it.

But just then, numerous flying objects shot towards us from all over the city.
They were the flying Golems, similar to the one I had destroyed.

Furthermore, there were Golems with red eyes moving through the streets and coming towards us.

“Mappa. Does this thing have any weapons?”

Mappa then gestured for me to stretch out my arms.

And so I did as he said.
What did he want me to do?

As I wondered this, I finally understood what his intention was.

“Can it…really shoot out magic?”

I asked, and Mappa nodded.

Now that I thought about it, I realized that the giant Golem’s body was surrounded by quite a lot of magic energy.

The Golem was absorbing the energy that gathered towards me… Also…
Perhaps because it was humanoid, but it almost felt as if it was my own body, and it had just become larger.

If I just controlled the energy in the Golem…

However, the enemy had armor made of Hihiirokane, so magic would not be very effective.

But with all the magic energy within this giant, perhaps I could neutralize them.
And so I used the energy that gathered towards the Golem’s body, and ordered it to unleash powerful wind magic in front of us.

Instantly, the Golems that were in front of us were blown far away as if they were dust.

“Wh-what force!”

There was no doubt that it was much more powerful than my own wind magic.

“Is this why it has a humanoid shape?”

Mappa nodded as if to say, ‘yes, yes.’

“So it allows it to gather even more energy… Alright. In that case…”

I used even more magic energy and unleashed wind magic at the Golems around us.

Eventually, it turned into a great tornado, which started to sweep up the Golems and Undead.

“But this is just wind!?”

The magic I had unleashed was considered to be low-ranking magic.
And yet the tornado in front of me could only be made through magic with the highest wind attribute.

I looked down as I became worried about Fule and the others. They were all looking up at us with expressions of awe.

“They seem to be fine… Good!”

I used the wind to pick up the Golems and throw them out of the city. Now, I could no longer see any other Golems and Undead moving towards us.

And while I doubted the Golems had been destroyed, it would at least buy us some time. Besides, the ones that couldn’t fly would have a difficult time scaling the walls.

However, who would have thought that you could use a Golem like this?
I did not expect to ever ride one and fight.
And before I really understood it, I felt an incredible excitement about what I had done.


Mappa turned to look at me.

“This is so cool!”

Mappa nodded as if to say, ‘it is, isn’t it?’ and we bumped our fists together.

And while my spirits were still high, I began to test various other types of magic with the Golem.

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