Cave King – 179

Chapter 179 – We Flew!

The Dwarf Golem went down to one knee, and the door in front of me opened up.

And then Mappa and I stood on the Golem’s hand as it carried us down to the temple.

While it had been fun, I still didn’t care for high places…

As I thought of such things, Fule and the others, who had been watching the battle from the roof, used Taran and the Cave Spiders’ webs to come back down.

And then Ashton said,

“Lord Heal. What was that magic you used earlier?”
“Apparently, your magic is enhanced while riding in this Golem… And because it has a humanoid shape, it feels like an extension of your body. Like you’ve become bigger.”

I had tried unleashing other kinds of low-ranking magic as well, and all of them had been enhanced in terms of force and range. It was clear that I could gather so much more magic energy towards me while inside of the Golem.

“I see. So that’s why it is shaped like this…”

Ashton answered as if it all made sense now.

“Still, a naked old man is a little too… In spite of it making your magic stronger…”

As Fule said, there was a problem with its appearance. Besides, I had a feeling that they had also modeled parts that must never be seen… But I suppose it would be fine if it kept all its armor on.

“In any case, this will be a powerful weapon. And it can be used to protect Arancia.”

I muttered. Ogus looked at me with surprise.

“Y-you mean to use it in order to help us?”
“Of course. You guided us all of the way here. And we already agreed to help you.”
“I’m very grateful…If the people of Sheorl, and this weapon come to our aid, we will not have to fear any enemy that might come.”

Ogus said with a deep bow of his head.

And then Haines, whose eyes were glimmering, said,

“Hey, Mappa. Do you only have one of these things?”

His tail was wagging energetically from side to side. It was clear that he was very interested in these Golem vehicles.

Fule smiled awkwardly and said,

“Y-you really want to ride it, Haines?”
“Aye! There is something so exciting about it… Giant moving things… It speaks to the heart.”

Fule looked exasperated. But I understood how Haines felt… There had been something incredibly entertaining about riding it.

But more than any of that, I was really interested in its structure.

A body that gathers magic energy… Perhaps it was similar to the Magic Absorbing Crystals that the Golems we fought underground had.
They were stones that absorbed a certain amount of magic and then stored them.

“Using magic is one thing, but you also have to learn how to control it…Mappa. By the way, these Golems aren’t made entirely of Hihiirokane, are they?”

Mappa nodded.
And then he took out a round crystal from somewhere near the machine.

“This… It really is a Magic Absorbing Crystal!”

I put it away in my Inventory in order to confirm that the thing Mappa gave to me was a Magic Absorbing Crystal.

Mappa then stood next to the Golem’s legs, and so I looked closely. There was a rainbow-like shine around the legs. My guess was that it was covered in crushed crystals.

“I see. So by covering their bodies in Magic Absorbing Crystals, they can imitate the way that humans gather magic energy. Then that means it will be possible even if they were shaped like Taran or Shiel.”

A slime-shaped one, or a spider-shaped one. They could be made to fit every type of race.

“And if we can replicate the shape, there really isn’t any need for it to be Hihiirokane… As long as we have Magic Absorbing Crystals, Mithril or Orichalcum should work as well. Mappa, can you do it?”

Mappa nodded, and then started to work the device again.

And then the floor opened up, and a giant box appeared.
The box opened, and it was filled with what looked like glass that had been crushed into powder. It must be the Magic Absorbing Crystal.

We didn’t have much of it in Sheorl, but with this, we would be able to make Riding Golems for the people of Sheorl as well.

And there were also Hihiirokane ingots in the box as well. Not enough to make a giant Golem, but as I said before, we could make metal Golems out of Mithril.

“That’s quite a lot. Then maybe I’ll have a Golem modeled after me.”

Haines said with a grin. And then Fule looked horrified as if she just remembered something.

“Father will definitely want one too… He’ll want his muscles recreated…”
“Don’t worry about that. Considering the amount of metal we have, and how many we’ll have to mass produce, there will be no time for detailed designs.”

As Ashton said, modeling them faithfully would be a great waste of resources
The feature that allowed you to take off the armor was completely pointless. And so they would have to be made with clothes from the start…as we did not want them to be naked.

“In any case, this is a great harvest. Mappa, well done!”

Mappa scratched his head bashfully.
While I was still curious about his origins, it was clear that Mappa had been acting with our best interests in mind.

“Alright then, let’s all ride this and return as part of a test drive! The giant Golem should be able to carry this box.”

I said. And then Ashton asked me,

“However, what about that wall? The giant Golem might be able to climb it, if it wasn’t carrying anything…”

And even the webs of the Cave Spiders would not be able to pull up this box filled with metal.

But Mappa urged me to get into the Golem, as if to say that such concerns were completely unfounded.

“Are you sure? Well, if you say so.”

And so I got into the Golem.
The others would all ride inside a big empty box. There were even windows so that they could see outside.

And then Mappa picked up the box and the box with the Magic Absorbing Crystals and Hihiirokane, and then turned to look at me. He then spread his arms out and flapped them like wings.

“Wh-what are you doing all of a sudden? …No, you don’t mean…”

I couldn’t use any levitation magic.
However, I could do something similar.

And so I unleashed wind magic on both sides of me.
And then the Golem floated up into the air.

“Woah! It floated!”

I heard the voices of Fule and the others from outside. Apparently we were able to hear them.

They could not hide their surprise over the Golem floating in the air.

As for me… I kind of hated it. After all, the Golem was rising higher and higher.

“We-well, at least we can return now… Huh?”

I suddenly sensed a presence near the temple that he had been in.
However, it wasn’t magic energy.

…A security Golem? No, there is nothing.

But they had technology that allowed us to see things on a screen. So perhaps there were monitoring devices as well.

“In any case, let’s go… Mappa. Try to fly as low as possible.”

Mappa followed my order and made the Golem fly at a low altitude. After that, we crossed the walls that surrounded the city and headed towards Arancia.

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