Cave King – 75

Chapter 75 – It was a giant library!


“This place…is a library?”

I muttered as I looked at the chamber, with its walls lined with bookshelves.

It really was big.

It would take at least three minutes to reach the end of it.

And the ceiling…

I raised my head and looked at the ceiling as we walked.

However, the ceiling stopped after a certain point and went even higher up.

“Surely…it doesn’t lead to the outside?”

And then I felt something tugging on my pants.

When I turned around, Shiel was trying to tell me something.

“Uh…be careful…of the ground…oh.”

There was a handrail in front of me.

And when I looked down, an endless darkness stretched down below.

“…Woah. It looks like there would be no coming back once you fell down there…”

I hated high places.

And I did not expect to be reminded of that while underground…

When I raised my head again, I observed that there were several floors where the walls were lined with bookshelves.

As for the ceiling, it was much like the graveyard, in that it felt like the actual sky was above you, and it could be seen through the ceiling windows.

“This place is incredible…”

As for the place we had come out from, I wasn’t sure if Ril had known, but it wasn’t a bookshelf.

Judging by the decorations around it, it had likely been an actual entrance before.

Ril and Mel were currently running through the hallway to the far back as if they were racing.

Now that I thought about it, it seemed like they had wanted to come here for something specific.

Well, there was no magic to detect, so it was probably safe.

Still, I cast Shield on them, just to be safe.

“Now it should be fine… Do you know about this place, Shiel?”

Shiel nodded.

“I see… I wonder how many books there are…”

Books had been the last thing that I expected to find.

They would likely be filled with knowledge about the technology of the civilization that slept below us. It could be very useful…

“Ah, but it wouldn’t be written in a language that we could read…”

I muttered, and Shiel nodded in agreement.

However, after twisting her body as if in thought, she started to move along the floor again.

“What is it, Shiel?”

A hand came out and she gestured for me to follow her.

“Oh? Is there something that even I could read?”

And so I followed after her.

Shiel seemed to have found what she was looking for, as she suddenly stopped.

Then she pointed at a certain row of books.

“I can read these ones?”

And so I pulled out a book from the shelf.

It was quite thin for a book. It was about as thick as two of my fingers.

I opened it to see what was inside.

What I saw was an illustration of a city that was so detailed that it looked real.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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