Cave King – 75


There were mountains in the distance, and a river ran from them… And the city was surrounded by great walls.

The shapes of the houses and roofs were different from ours, but you could see that this was a place where people lived.

Furthermore, there were words underneath the picture, as if to explain.

But of course, I couldn’t read it.

I turned the page.

Here, there was yet another very life-like picture.

This one showed food. There were also pictures that looked like they were parts of the map on the previous page.

As I kept looking, I saw that each page showed some kind of dish, and an explanation.

“This… Is it a book about this city’s food?”

Shiel nodded.

“I see. Even if I can’t read it, I can get an idea with these pictures… Is there anything else?”

Shiel looked like she was thinking.

Just then, a voice rang from behind me.

“Lord Heal! What…what is this place?”

When I turned around, I saw Rienna standing there.

“Ah, Rienna. I think it’s…a library.”

I said. But Rienna just tilted her head to the side.

“A lib…rary? Is it like a storage room for books?”

I suppose Rienna’s old home did not have libraries.

“Yes, that’s a simple way of putting it.”

“Storage for books… There really are so many different kinds of places underground. And this one is so beautiful…”

Rienna said as she looked up and down.

“By the way, Rienna. Why are you here?”

“Oh. I just heard from Fule in the training ground. Someone was digging in a place that they shouldn’t. And she suggested I come down here and admonish them for breaking the rules.”

Did Fule do that because she thought I would be too nice about it…

“About that… It was Ril and Mel who were digging.”

“Those two?”

Rienna looked very surprised.

“Yeah. I was surprised as well. They were always quick to learn, but I hadn’t expected to find them in a place like this.”

“…Perhaps both of them have some kind of crest.”

“Crest? Now that I think about it, I never tried to find out.”

Some monsters were born with crests, just like humans.

But I didn’t even know what kind of monster Mel was, so I had no idea if it had one.

However, Ashton and Haines had crests, so it was very likely that Ril had one as well.

“I’ll ask Baris to find out. He was able to find out if the goblin babies had crests.”

“I see. I should tell Baris about these books as well. Even if we can’t read them, Baris should be able to gain some kind of information from the pictures at least.”

“Yes. Though, I can’t imagine how long it would take him… But he should be very happy, regardless.”

“Yes, Baris would be very happy. But since we’re here, want to take a look? Shiel says that these books over here all have pictures.”

“I see. Then we should look at them. Ah…”

Rienna’s eyes suddenly stopped behind me.

When I looked around, I saw that Mappa was standing there.

He too was looking at the books with a big grin.

“You came too, Mappa? Huh?”

I noticed that Shiel was rushing towards Mappa.

Was she trying to stop him?

However, Shiel did not reach him in time.

Mappa was still grinning as he took one book from the shelf and opened it.

But the moment that he opened the book, blood rushed out of his nose, and he fell down on the spot, quite unconscious.

“Mappa!? Hey, Mappa!?”

And so we immediately rushed to his side.

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    • Lol…this former empire’s civilization really is advanced, with all that amazing printing technology.

      Careful Heal, Mappa. Rienna might pile up and burn a few books if the contents incur her displeasure.

  1. You fear to go into those mines. The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Heals Mines … hentai and doujin.

    Gandalf, the wise

  2. That must be it, Mappa found a book with some lewd pictures, he’s got the tendency and fate to go for such things. He was there when Rienna used the evolution stone and ended up in a similar way.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Welp looks like Mappa found some p0rn or doujins. Don’t let Heal see it. Rienna is right next to him and would probably have some words to say about that.

  4. This is turning monotonous… Always the same comedy relief… Even when the story have a normal moment like this, the author put this think that happens to Mappa.

  5. If Shiel tried to stop Mappa, doesn’t it mean that she, despite had once been an EMPRESS, was too familiarized with those p*** books? This isn’t one of her former personal library was it o.o”?

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