Cave King – 76

Chapter 76 – We couldn’t read it!



Blood sprayed into the air as Mappa fell backwards.

However, Shiel acted as a cushion so that his head didn’t hit the ground.

“Thank you, Shiel… You always help us.”

Shiel shook her body as if to say, ‘don’t mention it.’

“Still, why is he always like this? Running ahead without thinking… Besides, didn’t he return to the surface with Fule?”

I had been surprised by Ril, but Mappa seemed to have a really sharp nose too. He was always sniffing about.

“I was thinking the same thing… Ah, let me use some magic on him.”

And so Rienna cast healing magic on Mappa.

He was still breathing, and I could sense the magic inside of him.

Rienna’s magic had improved greatly, so I knew there was nothing to worry about.

“That being said, it was this book that made him bleed… What kind of dangerous book is it?”

I cast Shield around us and picked it up.

However, Shiel stretched out towards me as if telling me to stop.

“It’s fine. I have Shield on and…ah.”

When I opened the book, there was a woman in her undergarments…who had similar proportions to Mappa.

…It was hard to believe that this was a drawing. It looked like something you saw with your eyes had somehow been pasted onto paper.

As I stared in silence, Rienna called towards me.

“Lord Heal. What is it?”

“…I don’t think people should look at this. You should avoid it too, Rienna.”

I slammed the book shut.

Rienna looked a little curious, but nodded with an ‘I understand.’

“Shiel… Later on, could you tell Baris which section has books that children shouldn’t see?”

Shiel nodded.

This was a little too strong… But then again, perhaps everyone was not that interested in such pictures if they weren’t of their own kind.

That being said, how had Mappa been able to find this book so quickly?

Yes, we all knew that he was lewd…

The only explanation…is that he was able to read the letters on the book’s spine.

In other words, Mappa could read letters that we couldn’t.

I looked back at the book shelf.

The letters looked somehow different from the ones on Mappa’s disreputable book.

At first I thought that it was just different words, but given that some of the letters looked like pictures, it was more likely that it was an entirely different system of writing.

In other words, this place had books in multiple languages.

“Shiel. Can you read all of the books here?”

Shiel shook her body to the side.

I see. So there were books that even Shiel could not read.

“I wonder how many there are….even Baris will have a difficult time.”

“Hehe. Baris will be quite happy that he has another reason to live. …Oh, but where are Ril and Mel now?”

“Right. Did they find what they were looking for?”

As I went and looked for them, I saw that they were carrying a book together and walking towards us.

Ril and Mel put the book down in front of me and raised their hands.

“What is this?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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