Cave King – 76


I asked. Just like before, Ril pointed at herself and then Mel, and then at me.

“Hmm… I don’t understand. Do you, Rienna?”

“They want to…I see. They want to be able to talk to you, Lord Heal.”

Ril seemed to think for a moment and then nod hesitantly.

I guess that meant Rienna was right.

“So, does this book contain magic that will allow them to talk?”

However, after considering this, Shiel shook her body as if to say that this was wrong.

“It doesn’t… So, I guess I shouldn’t use it?”

I asked. As if to say that it was okay, Shiel extended something like an arm and made a flipping motion.

“I see. So I should try opening it first.”

And so I opened the book.

However, it was filled with letters I had never seen before and I didn’t know what to make of it.

“This…must be some kind of academic book. Oh.”

My eyes suddenly stopped on a picture.

Like the other ones, it was a person who looked very real.

There was an arrow stretching out from the human that then pointed to a bird-like creature.

“A human…can turn into a bird? Oh, and a horse. And then a slime turns into a human… Could this be…”

As if to show me the answer, a puff of smoke suddenly rose around Shiel.

And there she was…the human Shiel with the golden hair… However, she immediately returned to her slime form.

“Was that a transformation just now!?”

Rienna asked in surprise. Shiel nodded to her.

I see. So it was transformation magic… That’s what the book was about.

“Ril and Mel. Does that mean you want to be a human like me?”

The two barked and chirped cheerfully.

“I see… But what about using an Ascending Stone?”

I asked. This time they started running around in a circle.

It seemed like they were trying to tell me that they liked their current state of running on four legs or flying. And so they didn’t want to lose their current forms.

Though, it did seem like Ascending Stones might allow you to evolve in a way where you kept abilities from both races…

“Well, I guess it would be good magic practice. You two, you can practice by using this…is what I would like to say. But who here could read it to you…?”

Ril and Mel couldn’t read it. And neither could I or the others.

Ril’s mouth hung open for a moment, and then she held her head as if remembering something.

As if to say, ‘that’s right!’

Mel patted her consolingly on the head.

“Well… It was pretty amazing that you were even able to find this library. Next time, we just need to find something that will help us be able to read these books. Shiel. Do you think there are any stones or tools that will help us be able to decipher these letters?”

Shiel then extended a part of her body to point downward as if to say, ‘in that case…’

I don’t think…she meant below the library. I think she meant that it was near the control device.

“Do you mean that it’s in the same place as the control device?”

I asked. And Shiel nodded.

“…Seems like we have to go there no matter what we want to do. For now, I’ll discuss it with Baris and we’ll figure out what to do with this library. Ril. It might take awhile before we can read this book. Is that alright?”

Both Ril and Mel nodded at me.

Rienna saw this and chuckled.

“Well, I think it’s time for us all to go and eat lunch. The food will get cold if we don’t go soon.”

“That’s true… Alright, let’s go!”

And with that, we all returned to the surface.

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    • Ah, I see.

      So Ril and Mel want to learn Beastification magic or Transformation magic, right?

      I’ve seen such a thing in various manga and novels, like dragons turning into humans and vice versa.

      [At first I thought that it was just different words, but given that some of the letters looked like pictures, it was more likely that it was an entirely different system of writing.]

      So dwarves read kanji, huh.

  1. Those two babies are adorable. Heal now has a nice family, be if a great waifu, a terribly weird but useful not really waifu, a wiseman with great knowledge, a musclehead, a lewd man-o-culture, the greatest support slime waifu ever, and a best bud that can shake hands, with 4-6 people at the time (can’t speak, but still great). Also many others, plus a ton of legendary rank food.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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