Two Saints – 96

Different Encounters


“Did you really get carried by Prince Norfe while being covered in so much dirt?”

The maids said in exasperation. Now that she thought about it, she was covered in dirt. She had been sitting on the ground when he suddenly picked her up and carried her here, so it could not be helped. Chiharu was then thrown into a guest room that was facing the lake.

“I won’t forgive you if you enter the bed like that. Now, go out to the lake and brush off the dirt. Then you can curl up in a corner of the room!”

And then they left her. Chiharu was a little stunned by their treatment of her, but she was comforted by the knowledge that it wasn’t her fault. The only thing that she could be blamed for was chasing the orange. But who wouldn’t chase an orange if it was rolling away?

“Most people would look around them before chasing it.”

She thought she heard Aaron say. But it was just her imagination. And then Norfe had… No, she didn’t need to revisit those memories. And so Chiharu obeyed the maids by opening the door to the balcony. Then she stepped out towards the lake. Everything between the villa and the lake was covered in beautiful white stones. Chiharu was hesitant to get it dirty.

However, it was better than getting dirt in the room. And so she started to hit her commoner skirt. Two guards stood a short distance away from her and stared with hostile expressions, but she paid them no mind. Were they guarding someone important? Chiharu wondered, but they gestured for her to quickly return to her room.

It couldn’t be helped. Chiharu returned to the room but didn’t feel like sitting on the sofa. And so she sat on a wooden chair instead.

Still, she was carried a lot since coming to this world. Even if she excluded the bird people, there was the merfolk. And Nyran. Chiharu wondered how Nyran was doing, but decided he was probably doing better now that he didn’t have to worry about them. However, that made her feel a little depressed. And then Norfe. It was hard to think about it calmly, but somehow, none of it had been remotely romantic. That was odd. Chiharu sighed and her shoulders dropped. 

Knock-knock. She suddenly heard that someone was knocking on the door.


“I’m coming in.”

Said a maid as she entered. She was carrying a tray with a pot and a cup. No, she wasn’t dressed as a maid. This woman was quite tall and looked very out-going. Also, her face looked a little familiar. She seemed amused and also thoughtful.


The person raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, they said that a commoner should bring a common child the tea. But, are you what I think you are?”

Chiharu didn’t understand what she meant, but she realized something else.

“Are you Dilon’s sister?”

“Correct! Then you must be a Saintess.”

The person put the tray on the table and started to circle around Chiharu.

“I see. You’re very small. Just a little creature who is sitting politely in an empty room. I think mother will like you even more than father does.”

Chiharu thought it was rather rude how she used words like ‘small’ and ‘creature.’

After circling her several times, the stranger sat heavily into the chair on the other side of the table.

“I’m Ortha. Zynis’s daughter. Isn’t the plan supposed to be put into action tonight? How did this happen?”

She asked. And so Chiharu had no choice but to tell her that Norfe brought her.

“Over an orange? I didn’t know that such stupidity was possible. Ahahahaha!”

She rolled on the floor as she laughed. Chiharu was sure that this story would follow her around for a while. And she had only meant to show the proper respect that food deserved. She sighed with resignation.

“What’s going to happen to tonight’s plan?”

Chiharu changed the subject. Maki would likely arrive soon. She should find out as much as she could before then.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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