Cave King – 180

Chapter 180 – We Took The Giant Statue Back With Us!

Once the walls of Arancia came into view, I breathed a sigh of relief.

A little more and we would be back on the ground… I really couldn’t get used to these heights.

At first, I saw that things seemed to be chaotic near the Arancia wall, and I was about to halt our advance.

However, Vanessa and the other guardians unleashed some magic, and the wall became quiet again. Apparently, they had sent some kind of signal, which told the Arancia guards that we were not hostile.

And so even though we entered the sky above Arancia, they did not attack us.

That being said, the citizens of Arancia were still raising their voices in surprise as they looked up from the streets.
In reply, Mappa waved at them, much to their delight.

We continued on until we were past the residential district, and then we arrived at the plaza where we had left Rienna and the others.

They had started cooking again, but then noticed us. And so Erevan told everyone to move out of the way so that we could land.

I put down the box that Fule and the others were inside of, as well as the Hihiirokane and Magic Absorption Crystals. Then I made the Golem go down on its knee.
And by using the Golem’s hand as a foothold, Mappa and I descended to the ground and stood in the plaza.

Rienna, Alyssa, and Erevan welcomed us back.

“Lord Heal. I’m so glad that you’re safe. And it seems that you found Mister Mappa as well.”

Rienna said with a look of relief. And then she smiled at us.

I too was relieved in different ways. Besides, looking at Rienna really helped to calm me.

“Aye. I’m sorry to worry you…”
“Bu-but, Lord Heal. What is that?”

Alyssa looked at the giant Golem behind me and scowled.

Erevan also seemed to have been reminded of something, and he did not look pleased.

“The sensibilities just aren’t there… Hey, Mappa! You made something weird again, didn’t you!”
“Uh, Erevan. This one is different. It existed already.”

Erevan looked at Mappa as if he didn’t believe this.

But Mappa nodded.

And then I explained it to Alyssa.

“You know about the temples, don’t you? This giant statue was resting there.”
“I see. It’s true that similar paintings and bronze statues have been seen there. And they look like…that half-naked man over there.”

Regardless, Alyssa bowed her head with gratitude.

“About the matter of food, I am very grateful. I don’t know how long it has been since I last saw my people smile like this.”

Indeed, the people of Arancia were all smiling blissfully. Well, some were in awe of the Golem, but most of them seemed to be talking about the food.

Upon seeing this, Alyssa seemed to be getting emotional.

Then Rienna made a report.

“We are also bringing freshly caught fish to Arancia. We have already prepared about ten thousand of them, but Baris says that we can still export more. And since we turned one of this city’s underground storage houses into a freezer, they will be able to preserve them.”
“Things have been moving that fast?”

Even though I was absent, Rienna and Baris had worked together in order to supply Arancia with food.

“Oh, I don’t know what I can say to thank you now… Lord Heal. If there is anything that I and the people of Arancia can do for you, please say it.”

Alyssa said with a bow.

“In that case, as I said before, you can tell us how to grow mushrooms…also, are they making it already?”

I turned around to see Erevan, flexing his arms boastfully, while Haines cried as he was held by Ashton.

I had heard them talking behind me earlier. Something about drawing lots.
They were likely deciding who would make a Golem first. And Erevan had won.

But neither Erevan or Haines could use magic. So they might need some kind of device to help them.

I returned to explaining things to Alyssa.

“Sorry. As for this thing…it’s like a giant suit of armor. You can control it with magic, and when you’re inside of it, you can use much more powerful magic than usual.”
“Such a thing was inside of the temple? There are weapons and armor from that place that now lie in the royal treasure room, but I have never seen anything like this.”
“That man found it for us. The guardians also helped.”

Upon hearing me say this, Ogus and the others shook their heads violently.

That’s when it happened.
Suddenly, a drum sounded from a nearby wall.
This was the wall that was made to separate the holy place, where the Arancia royals lived, and the area that the citizens of Arancia lived.

And it was the Cave Spiders, who were acting as guards, who beat the drum.
This likely meant that something was happening on the other side.

Upon seeing this, Alyssa looked at me with a worried expression.

“Lord Heal. I will speak to them. Tell them about the wall and our alliance with Sheorl.”
“Aye. And I’ll go with you.”

I hoped that the people in the holy place would reconsider things now.

And so we headed towards the wall.

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  1. They’re not gonna reconsider shit. Heal should know this. They’re probably going to demand they hand over the golem. Probably with some BS excuse that it is theirs. Heal really should just nuke them.

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