Makai Hongi – 160

Chapter 160

“I remember. What they are. And what they did!”
Retrieve me? What a joke.

How had I forgotten?
How had I forgotten my time there?

Being placed on that table, and the pain they inflicted on me over and over again.
How? How? How had I forgotten?

It was the act of tormenting the soul billions of times a second.

This unfathomable pain they called an experiment not only injured the soul, but destroyed the flesh.

The soul affected the flesh.
And yet it was done repeatedly just as an experiment.

After so much suffering, some souls destroyed the flesh in order to escape the pain.
Other souls caused necrosis in the body and rotted away in madness.

Souls cried out as these countless pains were inflicted, and in the end, not one of the bodies maintained their original shape.
The pain was more than anyone could ever imagine, and as it continued, the soul affected the flesh.

However, what the men in white wanted was the opposite.

A soul that could not be defeated no matter how much it suffered.

But what they understood after hundreds of years of research was that this was impossible with a single soul.
The soul could not survive.

And so they came up with the idea of fusing souls.
However, the results were poor.

And so they tried uniting them instead.
It was then that a soul that had only been partially united managed to keep its shape no matter how much pain it suffered.

They got their data.
However, they were unable to repeat it.

The soul that escaped was their only success.

“I will retrieve the soul.”

And so I tried to strike away the hand that stretched out towards me, but it was blocked by some kind of surface layer that covered the man.

It had been like this the last time. I couldn’t even touch them.
And then he moved to take the Orb of Control inside of me.

I doubted this man had ever fought in his life.
He was just someone who spent his days studying and conducting experiments.

However, it hardly mattered when your body was protected by so much holy power.
I took a step back, and thrust the Deepsea Dragon Sword into the man’s palm.

I doubted anyone would have thought I would attack there.
However, I was sure about one thing.

Indeed, the blade sliced through and sunk into his arm down to the elbow and then reached his shoulder. And when I swept the blade to the side, the man’s arm was torn off.

“It’s just as I thought. He was protecting his hand with holy power when grabbing for the Orb of Control. But I guess that’s what broke it.”

That had been a failure. Holding the magic stone with a hand enveloped holy power had caused a crack to appear on it.
Obviously, they would be more careful the next time.

And so I knew that the hand alone would not be protected.
And I was right. The Deepsea Dragon Sword was able to cut into him.

The man in white stared at his blood with a strange expression.
He must not have expected to be cut by a test subject.

I wasn’t in a temporary body now. I wasn’t an incomplete vessel with a soul in it.
I was born in the Demon World and lived as Golan.

“Besides, I was able to get stronger by just watching.”

I watched the other me train every day with martial arts, and so I knew how to use them.
After all, this was the same body. It would be odd if I couldn’t.

“Well, I think it’s time I return this old debt.”

The man was holding the stump near his shoulder. It was probably to stop the blood.
His expression also did not change, which suggested that he didn’t feel any pain.

And so I held up my sword and moved forward for a follow up attack.
I was aiming for the wound. If it wasn’t covered by holy power, then my blade would be able to go through.

However, a shadow suddenly appeared beside me, and I jumped back in surprise.
A different man was reaching out to me with his hand.

When I looked to the side, a giant was on the ground.
It was Wormell, the Grendel.


I moved away from the newcomer.
This one was completely enveloped in holy power, and my attacks were not effective.

Crystal Dragon Halm was still fighting, but it was clear that he was struggling.
I was no different.

No attack could get through their holy power.

However, what these men did was worthy of ten thousand deaths.
I would never forgive them.

As I kept the two men in white in my sight and pondered over what to do next, the world began to shake.

“More of them?”

Was the Celestial World sending support? The timing could not have been worse.

“Sorry to keep you waiting! Is everyone alright?”
“Who the hell are you!”

“You hurt me, Golan. It’s me, Miralda.”

There was another great shake as the reinforcement arrived.

While she looked different, she claimed to be Flying Dragon Miralda.
Miralda was Demon King Tralzard’s closest General and the leader of this army.

However, the thing that descended from the sky was an unthinkably huge dragon.

“I’ve never seen such a huge dragon before!”
“How rude. I’ve always been told that I was on the petite and delicate side.”

“Who says that?”
“Oh, it’s said in various corners of the Flying Dragon world.”

“Like I’d know!”

The shaking must have been from the barrier. It had been broken.
That meant that either the Celestial Spears had been destroyed, or the barrier was somehow broken physically.

And judging from Miralda’s appearance, it was likely that she had come in by brute force.

The men in front of us were already preparing to retreat.

They were gathering together in the air. Their decision had been swift.
A pillar of light had appeared, and then they rose up inside of it and into the sky until they vanished.

It all happened so quickly.

“I guess they really were prepared to return.”
“Return? …It looked like they disappeared into the sky.”

“They must have had a hole prepared above. One that we couldn’t see. After all, you just need a hole the size of the tip of a needle. And then it can be widened.”

While maintaining a hole used holy power, it was still more efficient than opening a new one.

“But more importantly, what a terrible sight this is.”

Wormell was lying on the ground, and there were dead bodies scattered everywhere.
And from what I could see, they were all residents of the Demon World.

While we had been ambushed, we were still soldiers.
And yet they had slaughtered them so easily.

“I saw everything from above as well. It really was a terrible sight.”
Miralda muttered. And then she returned to her human form.

I decided that it was also time for me to return.

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