Makai Hongi – 321

Chapter 321

“You know about Personifications?”
That was surprising. Or maybe it wasn’t.

Tralzard was a Dragon, and had lived for a long time.
In fact, there were only a few in the Demon World who had lived as long as her.

And so the knowledge she would have gathered during that time must be immense.

“In fact, I’m the one who is surprised that you know about them. They are soul vessels created by residents of the Celestial World. I heard that they were used to go down to the Human World. In other words, they should not be making them any more.”

Not making any more… Because the Human World had been cut off by a barrier.

“Yes. That is the Personification I am talking about. I want to talk to you about them and other things. But can I ask a question first? I want to know about what happened in the Demon World while I was sleeping.”

I had yet to organize everything in my head. Things seem so busy these days. In all of the worlds.
And so I wanted to know about the current situation before I started talking.

“Hmm. While I am very curious, I suppose that I can talk first. It happened when I was leading my men and headed to fight Legard.”

Tralzard led her army to the border.
She planned to stop at a town on the way, and unite with another army.

It happened the day before reaching that town.
While the army was resting, she heard the sounds of fighting from far away.

And she heard sounds that were like a magic bullet striking the ground. And so it was initially assumed the Legard’s army was attacking.

Her men were immediately put on alert and went to go see what had happened. And that’s when she saw us fighting. But we should have been in town.
Tralzard was surprised, but she was even more surprised when she saw the enemy.

After all, we were fighting against the Wild Hunt.
“Why is he here? And why the Wild Hunt? I was truly stunned.”

Of course, she was.
I was only there because I had snuck into the castle and listened to a secret conversation.
That had allowed me to move ahead of them, because I knew their plans.

I thought of the best place to ambush the enemy and set up a trap.
And Nehyor walked right into it.

Why had we snuck in secretly?
Tralzard and her army weren’t perfectly secure.

If the Wild hunt had eyes in the area, then my plan would fail.
And so I had acted without informing Tralzard.

She didn’t know anything.
So she did not expect us to be fighting there.

“I looked at your enemy, and I could immediately tell that it was the Wild Hunt, based on the races among their ranks. They were unleashing magic bullets left and right. It’s impressive that you were able to trap them as you did. It was brilliant.”

“I had a good idea of how Nehyor acts.”

I knew how he thought. And from there, I could speculate about his actions.
His way of thinking was logical, and therefore predictable.

“And I saw you defeat Nehyor. But you died in the process…well, you didn’t really die.”

“I thought I did. But it seems that I’ve come back.”

“Mmm…I had my army annihilate what remained of the Wild Hunt. They could no longer hide themselves, and they scattered and tried to run. But they were on my land. We chased them down and killed every last one.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I had been anxious about the survivors.”
“Your subordinates also did well. They are certainly a unique group.”

Unique…I knew what she meant.
Many of them were the hot-blooded type who would gladly charge if given the order.

And the more excited they were, the harder they worked.
The Vampires had joined them recently. And things had become very chaotic.

“So, where are my men now?”

“After you died, one of them took charge and gathered them together. I was going to give you a burial there, but that’s when we heard news of the enemy.”

And so Tralzard was forced to leave the wounded there and march out with her army.
At this point, she was sure that I was dead.

And so it was just the wounded and my corpse that was left at the camp.
Some of the wounded died eventually, but a temporary medical station was set up in the camp.

Later, they checked the Tablet of Control and confirmed that Nehyor was dead.
Apparently, it happened just as Tralzard was destroying Legard’s advance detachment.

However, Tralzard’s attention was on something else. My name.

It had been very suspicious. My name was on the Tablet of Control. That would suggest that I wasn’t actually dead.

“It was just as your body was about to be buried along with the others. I stopped them and then had you carried back to town.”

“I see. And then you headed off to the decisive battle against Legard.”

“Indeed. And as I expected, Legard was there in person. And so we fought, one on one.”

When Demon Kings fought each other, no one could interfere.
To be frank, you would likely die if you were close.

I had thought about it when seeing Tralzard return to her Dragon form.
If something like that went berserk, you would get crushed and die instantly.

Apparently, the clash between Tralzard and Legard was worthy of being called a fierce battle.
Neither would back down, and the exchanges were brutal. But at long last, Tralzard defeated Legard.

A Demon King had killed a Demon King. It was quite the event.
“It caused a great disturbance in the Demon World…”

Tralzard was now the Demon King who was the closest to becoming a Great Demon King.
And so the six other Demon Kings had started to act. Great battles would have to be waged in order to take the seat of Great Demon King.

“What a maelstrom the Demon World must be in.”

Apparently, people were fighting everywhere.
My men were always fighting. But this was on a different scale.

Of course, Tralzard had been pulled into all of this.
It was just one big whirlpool.

“Demon King Janius, who is to the north, has joined his neighbor, Demon King Gidmon.”
And they had challenged Tralzard.

“A Demon King and Demon King have joined hands. That is bad.”
Why did I have to return during a time like this?

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  1. So Legard did get killed. Well I think Nehyor once mentioned that Demon Kings Legard and I think Janius were younger and thus weaker that the older Denon Kings like Tralzard. Anyways so Janius has now allied with Gidmon (sounds like some kind of lame Digimon) to challenge Tralzard. I get the feeling that they’ll turn on each other though during battle each thinking that they’ll take out the other after they get distracted or injured and use that momentum to also take out Tralzard and become a new Great Demon King. Meanwhile Tralzard is probably experienced enough to hold back and let them turn on each other before attacking both. I could also see Tralzard allying with Melvis since they are neighbors and she has helped his forces quite a bit so Melvis would probably agree to an alliance. Plus it might push Melvis back up to either Demon King or Great Demon King rank if Tralzard outright subordinates herself to him instead. Only idiots at that point would still try to target Tralzard and Melvis.

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