Makai hongi – 257

Chapter 257

○ Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s Camp – The Ogres




The Ogres, Reapers, and Vampires had charged into the Kyuka’s main camp, and without losing their initial momentum, they continued to trample the enemy into the dirt.

“Kill them all!”

“Kill them all!”

“Kill them all!”

They scattered in all directions as if there was no one in their path.
As if they were the only ones there.

The reason that they were able to advance like this, was likely because of the special team led by Farneze.

Farneze’s Adjutant, Atrasushia, and her Vampire elite, had started to attack the camp from the sky.

Farneze had served as General for a long time, and she knew how these camps tended to be set up.

She knew which areas would be monitored, and where the important facilities would be located. It was all inside of her head.

If you invaded from the sky, you would be discovered immediately.
And so it was mostly due to her experience that they had been able to avoid it this time.

The obstacle that Farneze had been the most concerned about, was Lesser Demon King Kyuka.

If for some reason, Golan was unable to meet Kyuka and ended up fighting someone else, or they fought somewhere with Kyuka’s subordinates, then the plan would have ended in complete failure.

That being said, unbeknownst to Farneze, Nehyor had been with Kyuka during that time.

In fact, Farneze had not encountered Kyuka or Nehyor.
Not only that, but since Golan had defeated Barzas, who was one of the enemy’s strongest, there was one less person to get in Farneze’s way.

So she had been able to launch an attack under optimal circumstances.
Of course, the cost of this was Golan using up all of his mana.

And for some reason, when Farneze landed, she saw Mouga, who was also one of the strongest, lying on his back.

As it was evident that an earth shattering battle had been waged here, Farneze interpreted that Golan had fought here.

And she wasn’t wrong.
Golan had fought, using Kyuka.

Farneze and the Vampires had taken down Mouga first, and then defeated one of the Generals who came after, before making their escape.

She had determined that the plan was a success.
Before taking off, she said this to her subordinates,

“Kyuka will be furious now and might come and attack us. We’ll prepare our defenses as soon as we return, and then strike back!”

Just as a precaution, they took a different route than when they had come.
And so they had not seen the fight that was happening on the other side of the mountain.

Farneze had no idea that a part of the right wing was heading towards the main enemy camp.

She had ordered them to fight in a way that would minimize their losses. So she would never have guessed that they’d destroyed the enemy and then chased after the ones who fled.

After all, unexpected things were happening on both sides, without anyone knowing what was happening with the others.

Because of this, the situation at Kyuka’s camp had still not come to a conclusion.

“Bludgeon them!”

“Make them fly!”

“Your life is mine.”

“My life is mine.”

“You’ve got some nerve!”

It would take a while for the Ogres who had attacked the base to stop and think, ‘Huh? Something is wrong.’

The number of enemy soldiers was strangely high.

As Barzas had died defending the outer wall, and since they had entered while merging with the fleeing soldiers, they were able to infiltrate the camp while remaining nearly unharmed.

This unexpected attack caused widespread chaos. And since there were also non-combatants there as well, the Ogres were able to continue their rampage uncontested.

Kyuka or Mouga were supposed to be giving out the orders, but since they were fighting Golan or Farneze, there was no one left who could settle the situation.

The non-combatants fled in confusion while the pack of Ogres chased them.
At this point, the chaos was being spurred on.

But when it came to pure numbers, the soldiers in the camp overwhelmed them.
And since the Ogres had just scattered as they pleased, they ended up finding themselves alone and surrounded by the enemy.

Normally, you would realize what was happening and retreat.
But the meat head Ogres did no such thing.

Under ordinary circumstances, they were capable of thought. But these were not ordinary circumstances.

“There are enemies everywhere you look!”

“Too many to choose!’

Yes, it wasn’t ordinary at all.
And so even after they had a grasp of what was happening, the Ogres just smiled and charged straight into the groups of enemies.

In a way, it was reckless.
But in a way, it was also brave.
It was practically suicide.

The Ogres were massacred by the overwhelming difference in number, and like that, they fell…
Or so it would have appeared.

“Demon King Kyuka has been killed!”
“General Mouga has fallen!”

The shouts echoed around the camp.

Only a small few had actually witnessed the battle between Golan and Kyuka.
In fact, few people had seen Golan at all.

As for Farneze, who had attacked suddenly from the sky; she had almost gone unnoticed.

And so it wasn’t until Saifo and Beka had made their way deeper into the camp while knocking down tents and curtains, that Mouga and Kyuka’s corpse fell under the eyes of the soldiers.

The soldiers then wondered. Who was it that killed them?
The majority of them did not know the truth of what happened.

And so it was only natural to connect the death of the leaders with the Ogre ambush.

In other words, there were people among the Ogres who could defeat Lesser Demon Kings and Generals.
Once word of this started to spread, the camp fell into a panic.

“It’s overrrr!”


When it came to such things, residents of the Demon World were honest.
It didn’t matter how many of them there were, when they were weak and the enemy was strong.

How many kittens would you need to defeat a tiger?
It was on a similar scale.

And once this state of fear assaulted the camp, it spread easily from soldier to soldier.
Ultimately, they began to throw down their weapons and run.

It wasn’t an uncommon sight in the Demon World.

“Hyahhaa! Wait! Wait!”
The Ogres shouted as they killed them.

They fought back with a momentum that made it hard to think their prospects were dire just a moment ago.

Now that Kyuka’s soldiers had abandoned the camp, it was open season as the pack of Ogres hunted them down.

Eventually, the tactician Felicia would call this battle the ‘Upset Comedy.’

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