Makai Hongi – 200

Chapter 200

“Hey, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and take me to your room.”
“Ahh… Uh, it’s not really clean.”

“I don’t care. Just hurry up.”

The name of someone I was interested in had come out, and I couldn’t exactly let this guy go now.
(Still…there are some problems.)

We went up the stairs and entered the room.

“What? It looks clean enough to me… Huh?”
As the man sat down on the floor noisily, he scanned the room until his eyes landed on the weapons and armor.

He did a double take and then slowly turned to me.
“Ah…by the…”
“Hey, that shield. I’ve seen it before. One of General Krunya’s men… What was his name again?”

“Yes. Him. That’s his shield. Why is it in a place like this?”

He recognized it immediately.
Well, it couldn’t be helped.

“…He gave it to me.”
“Why are you looking away? And as if I would believe something like that! Did you steal it? Did you steal something during such an important job?”

“There’s no need to assume the worst. Maybe I did take it right in front of him. But he never asked for it back.”
“…What? What are you talking about?”

“I just punched him. And I suppose that was the beginning of a new friendship. I’m not quite sure how it worked out.”

He was looking at me with undisguised suspicion.

“Well, it’s true for the most part.”
“And how is Dobroy currently?”

“Sleeping soundly, with a puffed up face, I imagine.”
“Because you hit him!?”

“Damn, did I say that?”
“You fought? What the hell are you doing! What if there’s a price on your head?”

“Don’t worry. I took care of everything before leaving.”
“You. You’re being much too reckless. Attacking the General’s man… And that armor! It’s made of Dragon scales! Damn it. How did you even enter the town?”

“We were surrounded by guards, but it was alright.”
“So you were surrounded! It’s not alright!”

“No, it’s fine. In fact, it was practically peaceful compared to my fight at the Dragon settlement.”

“What are you doing! You attacked a Dragon settlement and stole it? There is definitely a price on your head then. Damn it. And then you caused a scene when entering the town! Do you mean to crush our plans? Why the hell did they send a meathead like you!”

The regret in his voice was overwhelming.
As for me, I was rather hurt that he had called me a meathead. I was an intellectual.

“Let’s just skip this talk of trophies. Tell me about what’s going on.”

“As if we can skip it! Stop trying to change the subject! At this point, I should just leave this town so I never have to get involved with the likes of you ever again!”

He looked like he was about to stand up.
I did not want him to end his relationship with Nehyor just yet.

“Quit your whining. If you don’t start talking, you’ll get a taste of what the others had.”

“F-fine… Don’t get angry. I’m a non-combat type.”
I just had to glare at him a little and he became calm. Yes, it was good to be honest.

“You have something to tell me, right? Spit it out.”
“Fine…I don’t want to die either. I’m going to return to my country after I tell you. …So, what I was going to say… Those of my race are light-footed and so we are good at looking for things and listening. That’s why we are highly favored by Lord Nehyor.”

Judging by what he was saying, he wasn’t just someone who offered information.
Since they investigated themselves, they were a little like detectives.

“This time, my job is to deliver information about Seitry the Nanakei.”
I’ve never heard of that race before.

“You don’t know who the Nanakei are?”

“They are quite rare, but perhaps you know of Demon King Tralzard’s tactician?”
“Ah, yes. I’ve heard rumors.”

I bought my information from traveling merchants, but had heard about it as part of some idle gossip.
The Demon King had a tactician that never appeared in front of others.

“If people knew about them, then they would be targeted first. So it’s no surprise. Still, rumors will leak out. Lord Nehyor had been searching for Tralzard’s tactician for a while now. And we finally found something. Well, there are rumors to be heard even in this town. But this is something much more substantial. Proper information.”

“This Seitry is the tactician?”

“Yes. But to explain about the Nanakei first, they are a race that are good with magic. Just think of someone who is capable of unleashing many powerful attacks at once. However, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to physical combat. They rely completely on magic.”

A race that relies on magic. The opposite of us Ogres.

“I’m going to tell you Seitry’s location. The job will be complete once you assassinate Seitry. You understand the rest?”

“Leave the country without getting caught?”

“Exactly. I won’t tell you my name or race just in case you get caught. That includes who I report to and what we are doing. And I too will not ask you anything about yourself.”

“As for whether or not you succeed, one of my comrades who is out of the country will come here in a few days to make sure. You don’t need to worry about that. Once it is confirmed, Lord Nehyor will pay us. Do you understand?”

“Alright. Then I will tell you Seitry’s location and how to get there…”
I actually wanted to know how I could contact Nehyor, but it was too early to get ahead of myself.

Just then, the door opened.

“Sir Golan, I have returned. Oh, do you have a guest?”
It was Stomel. What terrible timing he had.

As I wondered about how to handle it, the man looked at Stomel with surprise.

“You! Why are you with someone from Tralzard’s country!”

“Huh? I was sent here in order to help Sir Golan gain an audience with His Majesty the Demon King… Sir Golan, this man appears to be hostile towards His Majesty. Please explain.”
Stomel looked at me with a puzzled expression.

Oh, damn it.

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