Realist Demon King – 145

A Letter to Robin Hood

The people of the floating city of Berneze treated my subordinates and I like heroes. And we were honored guests after that.

Day after day, feasts were prepared for us. However, it was not like we could just stay here forever.

I had to return to the Ashtaroth castle and deal with government and military affairs.

In fact, I had received a number of letters from Gottlieb, asking me to return quickly.

Our real motive for coming to this city had been to form a trade agreement.

And so I signed an agreement that would allow us to buy agricultural products at fair prices from Berneze, and then our business in the city was finished.

The only thing left to do was to return to Ashtaroth castle by carriage. However, Eve then said that there was one thing I had yet to do.

“That green creature that is at your feet, Master. It will not go near anyone but you.”

‘Really?’ I asked while feeding some nuts to the Carbuncle.

“When I try to feed it, it raises its tail as if agitated. And when Jeanne tries, its hairs rise like bristles.”

“I’m sure it’s just a survival instinct when it comes to Jeanne. She just looks at Su as food.”

“But what about me?”

“It’s just nervous because of your beauty.”

I flattered her before continuing.

“I’ll deal with the problem of Su quickly.”

“You seem very certain. Is it related to the letter that you’ve been writing?”

“Yes. There is a magic lock on this letter, and the second one will not be readable until some time has passed.”

“What an odd thing to do. What did you write about?”

It was rare for Eve to ask such a private question. It was probably due to all the noblewomen who had been trying to get my attention during the last few days of feasts.

Regardless, I did not want to keep secrets from my faithful and beautiful maid, and so I gave her the letter.
Eve read through the first one.

“My dear friend, Robin. Are you enjoying your travels? I will have Su deliver this letter. In the end, I think Su is better off with you.”

Eve finished the letter and mused on how it was a letter to Robin, and that Su would be returned to him.

“Aye. Su and Robin are two as one.”

“And what is the second letter about?”

“It’s made to unlock after a few months have passed. It will contain a secret about Su that Robin has not realized yet.”

“Secret about Su?”

“Aye. She has a secret. When I fought against Dagon, she whispered something to me. And so I knew that she was no ordinary Carbuncle. And so I was not surprised after looking into the matter.”

“And what is her secret?”

Eve asked. And so I decided to tell her in writing.

I scribbled with the quill and the magic letters began to glow. It would only be able to read it for the next few minutes. By the time it was put into an envelope, it would have disappeared. The next time it would be readable was when Su delivered it to Robin, and they had traveled together, and the wounds of the heart were healed.

Robin would recover. He had to travel with Su, as the heart that was broken through the loss of his love was healed.

And after a few months had passed with Su, Robin would understand why he had been able to heal.

He would realize then how important the green beast really was.
I showed the letter to Eve as proof.
This is what was written.

“Su, the beast that is with you, is your beloved Fiana after being reborn. Her love for you was so strong that she has appeared before you as a beast. Don’t ever let her go again…”

Eve’s eyes widened and blinked as she read the letter. ‘Master…’ she muttered.

Wordlessly, I put the letter into a cylinder and strapped it to Su’s back, before letting her out of the window.

She slid out. But just then, it seemed like she had turned and bowed.

I stared out the window until the small creature was completely out of sight, and then I looked towards the port.

The beautiful port city spread out below me.
The people were working with a sense of excitement.
Looking at them made me nostalgic about my own lands and the people of Ashtaroth castle.

Now that I wanted to reunite with my people as soon as possible, we decided to leave Berneze earlier than initially planned.

Ryoma and Marco were sad to see us leave, but as we rode the carriage back to Ashtaroth, there was only one thing on my mind.

My friend Robin and his lover, Su. Living together on the outskirts of Ashtaroth. I thought of the beauty of Ashtaroth forest, where they would live.

And so I suggested to Eve, that there should be a decree to protect the forests and lakes.

She smiled broadly.
“As you wish, Master.”
And then she wrote it down in her book.

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  1. Oh well I wasn’t expecting him to just outright reveal Su’s secret. I was sure he’d just right it down for Eve to read but we wouldn’t be told the contents of the secret and we wouldn’t find out till much later when Robin returns. Anyways so will Su eventually be able to shapeshift into a human form or maybe once Ashta finds Sakamoto Ryoma he’ll have the magic device with him that he’s been looking for that can supposedly revive the dead and use it to revive Robin’s lover as a human again.

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