Makai Hongi – 53

Chapter 53


I was sleeping when someone suddenly woke me up. We were in a battlefield, so it couldn’t be helped if it was an emergency.

It wasn’t the place to get a good sleep. And so I didn’t complain.

I had been asleep for just an hour or two.

In other words, the fatigue was as strong as ever.

My wounds weren’t healed. The only difference was that I had stopped bleeding.

Our guests were supposed to be the Corps Commander and his army. What did they want?

I probably should have gone out to meet them. But my body wasn’t obeying me at the moment.

“Hey, Golan. They say you did it again?”

“Corps Commander… Why are you here?”

He had come to see me.

Corps Commander Nehyor appeared with his men.

“So, you really do like sleeping on top of the corpses of your enemies, Golan.”

He said with wide eyes.

“Well, they do a lot of damage and I haven’t recovered yet.”

“I see. I suppose even the great Golan cannot take down a Gigant Centaur without getting hurt.”

The great what… Who did he think I was?

Also, couldn’t he just answer my first question?

“…So, where are you going?”

His men were all armed as they marched. It was as if they were off to war.

“I just thought I’d stop at the enemy’s main camp.”


Their main camp… Was it such an easy thing to do?

If Corps Commander Nehyor was defeated, we’d have to retreat. This whole area would be taken by the enemy.

“Up until now, the enemy was still here. But look. There is a straight path to their camp now.”


“So there is no worry of a pincer attack. A good opportunity for us, don’t you agree?”

“Yes…I suppose.”

Theoretically, it was as he said.

The enemy had split up into three camps.

If Nehyor’s men tried to find a gap, and head towards the enemy main camp, one of the other armies could turn around and attack them.

And that would result in them having to fight the enemy on both sides.

If they went now, there would be no enemy to intercept them, as I had just taken this camp.

And we could protect their rear.

The enemy’s other army might try and turn around, but it would be difficult for them to reach Nehyor, as I and the other armies would be there…no, it would be impossible.

If anything, it would be very easy for us to stab the enemy in the back.

That being said, going directly to the main camp now also felt a bit risky.

If they lost, not only would our accomplishments today be for nothing, but it would affect all the other battlefields.

Was he so confident that he wouldn’t lose?

The Commander I had defeated had been a Corps Commander class.

Considering that, the enemy in the main camp would be in the General class.

And this was just my own opinion, but I was quite sure that the gap between Corps Commander and General was much higher than the gap between Commander and Corps Commander.

I had never heard of anyone beating a General through Gekokujyo.

Why? Because it’s just that hard to beat someone who is above you.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh? Are you worried about me, Golan?”

“Uh, well…I guess.”

“Hmm. I’m not really sure. But we have momentum. I think we should be able to make it.”

Wasn’t the bigger problem what you would do after arriving?

Of course, there was no way that he didn’t know that.

And so I decided that I wouldn’t ask any more questions.

“Do your best to avoid getting killed.”

“Indeed. …Well, we must go now.”


Makai Hongi

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