Makai Hongi – 53


And so the Corps Commander led his subordinates away.

After some time had passed, Beka raised her voice.

“That’s the Corps Commander? I wouldn’t…be able to beat him, even if he was standing on his hands. That mana level!”

“I see. It’s your first time seeing him, Beka.”

“Yes. Even you wouldn’t be able to beat him, brother.”

“Of course, not. Besides, he’s still just the Corps Commander. There is someone above him, right?”

“Yes. I’ve never met him myself. But the General is supposed to be even more impressive.”

“Ahhh. That’s insane.”

“That’s scary.”

Apparently, even the idiot siblings had something to think about.

“Hey, brother. The Corps Commander’s subordinates were also pretty strong, weren’t they?”

I understood what she meant.

Corps Commander Nehyor’s subordinates.

This was the first time I had seen them. They were all wearing black capes.

A whole group of Vampires dressed in pitch black. And there seemed to be Ghost Knights behind them.

But they were all fully armored, and I couldn’t tell them apart.

“Were those Living Armors behind them?”

I see. So that’s what Saifo had thought.

I considered it and then corrected him.

“No, they are not. Living Armor are only armor in their upper half. Everything below the waist is supposed to be a black mist. Since they wore a full set of armor, I think they are Ghost Knights.”

“I see. Regardless, they all looked very strong.”

“Well, he’s attacking the main base with those members. So they must be good at breaking through enemy lines.”

However, what about the enemy boss?

I wouldn’t be too surprised if Nehyor won without too much trouble. But then it would be strange that he wasn’t a General in this land.

“…No, was it strange?”

Nehyor was a Vampire who came from the outside. This had interested me enough to ask Rig to find out more about him. However, there was no information about what he was doing before he came here.

It was three hundred years ago, and he was currently a great Corps Commander.

“I think I’ll go on a journey to train, once I return to the village.”

Saifo started to say.

One time, I had isolated myself on a mountain in order to get stronger.

It seemed like he remembered that.

If my memory serves, I did actually return much stronger than before. Though, the truth was that I just didn’t want anyone to see me training. That was the reason.

And so I didn’t see what Saifo would gain from going to the mountains.

“…I don’t think you should do that.”

They were meat heads that were so thoughtless people called them the idiot siblings. Effective training was likely not possible.

He would be better off charging at me every day. Of course, I would just ignore him, as it was too much trouble.

After some time had passed, we could hear sounds coming from the enemy’s main camp.

“Both armies have collided. We should prepare to run away, just in case.”

If Corps Commander Nehyor lost, we’d have no chance of winning.

We could do nothing but run.

However, once the sun started to descend, a wise eagle arrived and told us that Nehyor had been victorious.

Apparently, he had taken the main enemy camp.

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  1. So I’m thinking Nehyor might actually be General level and he just isn’t because he’s originally an outsider and probably would have to face a lot of opposition in becoming a General.

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