Makai Hongi – 60

Chapter 60


Vampires really were monsters.

That’s what I thought.

In the Demon World, your mana and race decided everything. And in it, Vampires were near the top of the ladder. And there were many of them.

And there was strength in numbers.

The more of you there were, the higher the chances of one being born very powerful.

I had thought this when fighting Corps Commander Nehyor as well. Vampires were at their best when using magic, but even in a fist fight, I could not win.

It made me so angry.

I had become stronger since the time I had cut off Nehyor’s hand and arm.

And yet it meant nothing when fighting the General.

Silence had fallen over the hall. Only my heavy breathing could be heard.

It was just one swing. A swing I had put all of my strength into.

And as I had used so much energy, I was out of breath.

When I tried to pull my sword back, it got caught in the nails and wouldn’t move.


When I pulled hard, the blade broke.

The ring of the metal echoed in the room.


Nehyor sighed. And then he smiled.

“It’s finished…”

My strongest attack had been blocked and my sword broken.

This was the result of fighting someone I should never have fought.

General Farneze just had to resist a little and my life would be snuffed out.

It was already decided.

“I see… So that’s why you want a new sword. It was an amazing blow.”

The General said as she saw the cracked blade that was still in her nails.

“But it wasn’t strong enough to reach you.”

I said, rather unwisely.

Vampire nails would grow back immediately.

In other words, I hadn’t even really hurt her.

“Indeed. Perhaps I should reconsider my perception of ogres. You can take this with you. It’s your work.”

She picked up the nail I had cut off and handed it to me.


I accepted it silently, and she whispered something to one of her men. And then she left the hall.

Apparently, I had survived.

Also…what was I supposed to do with this nail?

“Ah, Golan. You really do like to pick fights out of nowhere. I was so surprised.”

Nehyor said with a grin and multiple slaps on the shoulder.

“Of course, you lost without being able to do anything. So how do you feel?”


He was looking at me with a smile. Was he that happy that I lost?

“Well, I think you can still be proud. You cut off the General’s nail, after all.”

Apparently, General Farneze’s nails were able to cut through demon iron—which was a metal that gnomes made with the use of magic.

And so it was quite a feat that I had cut through it with just an iron sword.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t kill the person.”

While I had been forgiven this time, I would have died had she attacked back.

So I didn’t see why I should be proud over cutting someone’s nails.


Lobos was shaking with rage.

“What is it?”

I thought he was going to have a heart attack.


Makai Hongi

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